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Three Keys to Living
Three Keys to Living

     In my vision, the first thing that has to be understood is that all the qualities of your personality, of your heart, should develop rightly.
     What is the second point? The second point is that there should be awareness, but no suppression. The more you suppress the feelings of the heart, the more they become unconscious.

     You are a collection of unknown energies. You are the center of very unknown energies with which you have no acquaintance, of which you have no awareness.
     Knowing makes you a master. Within you, many energies greater than electricity are alight, they shine. Anger glows, hatred glows, love glows. You become afraid of what is happening because you do not know what all these energies are.

     Make your life an inner laboratory and start knowing all these energies within – watch them, recognize them. Never suppress, even unintentionally. Never be afraid, even by mistake, but try to know whatever is within you. If anger comes, then feel fortunate and be thankful to the person who has made you angry: he has given you an opportunity – some energy has arisen within you and now you can look at it. Look at it silently, in aloneness; search to see what it is.
     The more your knowing grows, the deeper your understanding will become. The more you become a master of your anger, the more you will find that it is under your control. The day you become a master of your anger will be the day you can transform it.
     You can transform only that which you are master of; you cannot change that which you are not a master of. And remember, you can never be a master of something that you fight with because it is impossible to become the master of an enemy; one can only be the master of a friend. If you become an enemy of the energies within yourself, then you can never become master of them. You can never win without love and friendship.
     Neither be afraid of nor condemn the infinite treasure of the energies within you. Start knowing what is hidden within you.

     The second key to keep in mind is that you should not suppress any of your energies: you should know them, recognize them, look into them and see them. Watching will have two results: first, your knowledge of your own energies will develop, and knowing them makes you the master; and second, the strength of the grip that these energies have on you will decrease.
     Slowly, slowly you will find that at first anger comes and then you watch; then after a while, gradually, you will find that when anger comes, the watchfulness will come at the same time. And finally you will find that when the anger is about to arise, the watchfulness is already there. From the day when the watchfulness comes before the anger, there will no longer be any possibility for anger to arise.

     The third key is transformation.
     Each quality of the heart can be transformed.
Everything has many forms; everything can change into an opposite form. There is no quality or energy that cannot be diverted towards good, towards benediction. And remember, that which can become bad can always become good; that which can become harmful can always become helpful. Helpful and harmful, good and bad are directions. It is only a question of transforming by changing the direction and things will become different.
     The way you are moving now is wrong. What is the proof that something is wrong? The proof that something is wrong is that the more you move, the more you become empty; the more you move, the more you become sad; the more you move, the more you become restless; the more you move, the more you are filled with darkness. If this is the situation, then certainly you are moving wrongly.
     Bliss is the only criterion for life.
     If your life is not blissful, then know that you are moving wrongly. Suffering is the criterion of being wrong, and bliss is the criterion of being right – there are no other criteria. There is no need to ask anybody else. You can use this criterion every day, in your daily life. The criterion is bliss. It is just like the criterion for testing gold by rubbing it on a stone: the goldsmith will throw away whatever is not pure and put whatever is pure into his vault. Go on checking every day using the criterion of bliss; see what is right and what is wrong.
     Whatever is wrong can be thrown away, and whatever is right will slowly start accumulating like a treasure.

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