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One Method Suits All

One Method Suits All

Aren't there different techniques for different people? How can I tell if these active meditations are right for me, for my type?

    ...You have to find out what type you belong to.
This is not very difficult. If you watch for three weeks continuously in different ways, you can have the feel of it.
     If you are body-oriented, don't be discouraged. There are ways you can reach to the divine through the body, because the body also belongs to divine; you can reach through it. If you feel you are heart-oriented – then prayer. If you feel you are intellect-oriented – then meditation.
     But my meditations are different, in a way.

     I have tried to devise methods that can be used by all three types.
     Much of the body is used in them, much of the heart and much intelligence. All the three are joined together, and they work on different people in a different way.
     If a body-oriented person comes to me, he immediately loves the methods – but he loves the active parts, and he comes to see me and he says: "Wonderful! The active parts are wonderful, but when I have to stand silently – then there is nothing." He feels very healthy through them; he feels more rooted in the body.
     If a heart-oriented personcomes to me, the cathartic part becomes more important for him; the heart is released, relieved of burdens, and it starts functioning in a new way.
     When a third type – the type who belongs to intelligence – comes, he loves the last parts when he is just sitting or standing silently ...when it becomes meditation.

     Body, heart, mind: all my meditations move in the same way – they start from the body, they move through the heart, they reach to the mind, and then they go beyond.

Osho Tao: The Three Treasures

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