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Movement to Still the Bodymind

Movement to Still the Bodymind

    The human mind is effort oriented, action oriented; obsessed with activity, because the more active you are, the more your ego can be fulfilled, the more you can say "I."
     All activity is basically food for your egoistic personality.

     Meditation is not an effort; it is not an activity. Rather, it is a deep surrender.
     Rather, it is to be in non-activity. Basically, just to be is meditation...not doing anything, not desiring anything, not hankering to go somewhere, just being here and now.
     To be simply here and now – that's what I call meditation.

     But it is very difficult to conceive; even to contemplate it is difficult because the mind cannot conceive anything that is not an effort. The very language of the mind, the very framework, the very structure is based on effort...to do something, to achieve something, to go somewhere.

     The mind is very serious, and meditation is absolutely non–serious.
     When I say this you may be bewildered because people go on talking about meditation seriously, and meditation is not a serious thing, it is just like a play...non-serious, sincere but non-serious It is not something like work...more like a play. Play is not an activity – even when active, it is not an activity. Play is just pleasure. The activity is not going anywhere, it is not motivated; rather, it is just overflowing energy. But it is difficult because we are in activity so much and we have been in activity so much that activity has become a deep-rooted obsession. Even while asleep we are active, even thinking to relax, we are active. We can even make relaxation an activity; we can make an effort to relax. This is absurd. But because of the habit, the robot-like habits of the mind....
     The mind cannot conceive how to be non-active, so what to do?

And then the Silence Within

     Only non-activity only leads you to your inner center.
     So I have devised a new means, and the means is to be active to such an extreme that activity simply ceases because of its being so extreme...to be active so madly that the mind that is hankering to be active is thrown out, out of your system Only then, in a deep catharsis, can you fall down to inactivity and can have a glimpse of the world that is not of activity.
     Once you know it you can move into it without any method; once you have the feeling of – how to be just here and now without doing anything – you can move in in any moment; or you can remain in it anywhere. Ultimately you can be active outwardly and inwardly, deeply inactive.
But in the beginning you will have do a very paradoxical thing, and the paradox is this: you have to be active, madly active, violently active, so that everything is released, your obsession is released.

Osho The New Alchemy: To Turn You On

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