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Creating Discontinuity
Creating Discontinuity

See Part 1: Inviting Chaos

         The breathing that I teach is absolutely non-methodical; it is without any rules; it is absurd. It is not a matter of exhaling, inhaling, and withholding the breath in a methodical manner. It is a way of creating a feeling of strangeness in you – to put you so out of gear, to put you in such utter confusion and chaos that you cannot put it into order again. If you again create an order in this disorder, your mind – which is so clever – will soon accept it and adjust itself with it. Breathing in any methodological manner will again turn into a system. But it will lose all strangeness about it.
          What I want is that a moment should come when all your roots, all your associations snap in one sweep. A day should come when you suddenly find that you have no roots, no identities, no associations whatsoever; that you have no parents, no brothers and sisters, that you don't have even a body to you. I want you to be in that absurd state where one appears to be crazy.
          Remember that if you land in this state unaware and without your efforts, you will really go mad. But if you reach it through your efforts with awareness, you cannot go mad. Because then it will be in your hands, and you can retrace from it any moment.

          The breathing that I am talking about is non-rhythmic and non-methodical. You cannot repeat it today the way you did it yesterday, because it has no method whatsoever. Not only can you not repeat your performance of yesterday – even today you cannot end it the way you begin. It will be what it will be.
Its only purpose is to see that your mind's conditionings, its habits, its set patterns are loosened. ...Many nuts and bolts of your physical and mental structure will get loosened; actually they have to be loosened. At the moment this structure – with its conditionings, set patterns and habits – is so tight that, because of it, separation of the soul from the body is not possible. Only when it is completely loosened will you know that there is something more within you, which was joined to the body and has not been separated.
          But since this loosening happens through breathing, it is through a special kind of breathing that it becomes tight again; you don't have to do anything to tighten it. It is not necessary to do something to readjust it; it is readjusted by itself. Of course, if breathing results in a kind of insanity within you which gets out of your control – if it becomes an obsession and continues for the rest of the day – then it will really be a bad thing.
But if someone does it just for an hour and then leaves it, then everything falls back in place on its own. Afterward only the memory of the experience will remain with you. You will remember how you became separate from the body, and how you were again joined to it in an orderly manner. But now you know, even after being rejoined with the body, that you are separate. You know that you are separate, in spite of being united again with the body after the meditation had ended.
         Therefore, this way of breathing is indispensable; we cannot do without it.

         My understanding is that, sooner or later, this meditation that I am giving you is going to be a therapy of great significance, and it will unavoidably be come a way of treating the mentally ill and restoring them to health. If it is possible that every child in the school goes through this meditation, he will be saved from insanity for the whole of his life. He will never be mad; he will be immune from this disease, because then he will be his own master, master of his body mind.

Osho: "In Search of the Miraculous"

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