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Emphasizing Exhalation
Emphasizing Exhalation

How does the deep, fast breathing, with emphasis on the exhalation, impact our bodies?

     You breathe in so much life breath that the potential of your latent energy is heightened and it begins to awaken. At the same time, with deep and fast breathing the pattern of deep-seated inertia or sleep is broken.

Osho: "In Search of the Miraculous"

      The outgoing breath is similar to death – it takes poisons out. And when it is going out, everything ebbs within. If you can throw the whole breath out, completely out so that no breath remains within, you touch a point of silence that can never be touched while the breath is in.
     It is just like the ebb and tide: with every breath a tide of life comes to you; with every exhalation, everything ebbs – the tide has gone. You are just a vacant, empty shore.
     Emphasize the exhaling breath – you can use it for many changes in the mind. If you are suffering from constipation, forget in-taking. Just exhale and do not inhale. Let the body do the work of inhaling; you just do the work of exhaling. You force the breath out and do not inhale. The body will inhale by itself; you need not worry about it, you are not going to die. The body will take breath in; you just throw it out and let the body take it in. Your constipation will go.
     If you are suffering from heart disease, just exhale, do not inhale. Then you will not suffer from heart disease. If while just going upwards on a staircase, or anywhere, you feel tired – very tired, suffocated, breathless – simply do this: just exhale, do not inhale. Then you can climb up any amount of steps and you will not be tired.
     What happens? When you go with an emphasis on exhaling, you are ready to let go, you are ready to die. You are not afraid of death; that makes you open. Otherwise you are closed – fear closes you.
      When you exhale, the whole system changes and accepts death. There is no fear; you are ready to die. And one who is ready to die can live. Really, only one who is ready to die can live. He alone becomes capable of life – because he is not afraid.

Osho: "The Book of Secrets"

Restoring Balance
      Have you observed that you always emphasize the breath that goes in? You never emphasize the breath that goes out. You take the breath in, and then the body throws the breath out. Reverse it: you will be more normal. Emphasize the outgoing breath. Throw the breath out as much as you can, and let the body take in.
     When you take in and you have not released, your lungs become filled with carbon dioxide. Then you go on taking in, and you never release the entire lungs. You go on forcing the carbon dioxide inwards. Then your breathing becomes shallow, and the entire lungs are filled with carbon dioxide.
     First throw it out, and forget about taking in. The body will take care of that itself. The body has its own wisdom, and it is wiser than you. Throw the breath out and forget taking in. Don't be afraid, you are not going to die. The body will take in, and it will take in as much as is needed. As much as you have thrown out it will take in, and the balance will be there. If you take in, then you will disturb the balance because the hoarding mind is there.

Osho: "The Book of Secrets"

What is the difference between breathing through the nose, as we do in Dynamic, rather than the mouth?
     When you don't breathe by the nose it does not stimulate your brain. It simply does not go to the brain: it goes directly to the chest. Otherwise a constant stimulation and massage goes on. That's why breathing changes in our nostrils again and again. Breathing through one nostril massages one side of the brain; through another, the other side of the brain. After each forty minutes they change.
The nose is dual, the mouth is non-dual. There is no change when you breathe through the mouth: if you sit for one hour you will be breathing the same way. There will be no change; you will remain in one state. Breathing through the nose you cannot remain in one state. The state changes automatically; without your knowing it changes.

Osho: "The Further Shore"

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