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Articles about stage two of Dynamic Meditation

    First, the gorilla has to be released – that is, all your repressions that make you the gorilla. To let the gorilla out of your being is the deepest cleansing, the deepest catharsis. Only when all the animality has gone out of you, buddhahood is not far away – just one step.
    Buddhahood is your birthright, and the gorilla is only your conditioning.
    Your society goes on telling you to repress, and soon the repressed part of your being becomes so big that you are sitting on a volcano. It can erupt any moment; before it erupts, it is better to release it. So first be a gorilla...with intensity and totality.
    In this world there is only one who can be called your real friend: one who brings your enlightenment not as a potential, but transforms it into an actuality. Actualization of your potential is what enlightenment is all about. But before you can reach to that peak, you will have to get rid of much rubbish and luggage that you have been carrying for lives together.

    I have managed my meditations in such a way that first the gorilla has to be catharted out. That's what happens in Dynamic Meditation: you allow your gorilla to be released, with no inhibitions. Because of that Dynamic Meditation I have been condemned all over the world. Keep the gorilla in and everybody is happy with you – but if the gorilla is in, you can never be at peace. I say to you: Let it out. It evaporates in the air, and what is left behind is pure space.
     The silence that descends, and the serenity that blossoms, and the blissfulness that becomes your fragrance, and the coolness which is not of this world –this is your true heritage.

Osho: "The Rebellious Spirit"

The Road to Real Health: Insanity in Installments
    Paddy climbs the flagpole and begins shouting as loudly as he can. The cops arrest him and he is charged with disturbing the peace. Later he is sent to a psychiatric hospital for examination.
    "How do you explain your behavior?" asks the head shrink.
    "It is like this, doctor," replies Paddy. "If I didn't do something crazy once in a while I would go nuts!"

    An innocent man is saying something immensely wise. He is saying, "If I didn't go crazy once in a while I would go nuts." It is a well-known, well-established fact that women go crazy once in a while – any excuse. And if there is no excuse at least nature has provided them with the period. Then whatever they do is acceptable. Their craziness cannot be condemned; they have a rationalization. But even without the period they can go crazy at any moment. That saves them from going nuts.
    It is only men who go nuts, because they don't go crazy once in a while, they go on accumulating. Rather than going crazy in installments, they go wholesale. Just look in the madhouses of the world: there are four times more men than women.
    It is not a small difference. Four times more men go mad. And what is the strategy of the woman so she avoids that much madness? She often goes crazy. So in installments – just a little bit of craziness today, and a little bit tomorrow. She divides it, and all the time she remains sane. There is no need for her to be in a madhouse.
    Man has been told from his very childhood: "You are not supposed to go crazy like women. You are not even supposed to weep and cry. Tears are not allowed to men. Even if somebody dies, you have to keep yourself together; you are not to behave like a woman." Because of this nonsensical teaching, four times more men than women are in madhouses.

Osho: "Sat Chit Anand"

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