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Articles about stage two of Dynamic Meditation
A Cure for Insomnia

In the night, every day for one hour, just throw the past, the whole day. Whatsoever has been done to you and you have done to others, or you wanted to do with others – emotions, anger, hate; many things are there – drop them before you go to sleep.

In the West sleep has become a problem, and in the East also it is becoming a problem. The problem is only this: you don't know how to get rid of the day. It follows you; it continues in the mind, and you cannot stop it. You cannot stop it unless you throw it.
Whosoever is suffering from insomnia should try this Dynamic Meditation in the night. Just before going to sleep have an inner bath; throw everything and then go to sleep.
You will feel like a child again: innocent, unburdened.
Sleep will be totally different, the quality will change.
Don't suppress, express...but don't express to people.

Osho: Vedanta: Seven Steps to Freedom

Trash It!
There is no need to be angry with the person through whom anger has come into you – there is no need. But neither is there any need to suppress it. Express it in the vacuum.
Have a room in your home, your meditation room, so whatsoever happens, go in that room and do it. You will enjoy it so much, you cannot imagine; the whole exercise is so beautiful. In the beginning it will look absurd, but soon you will get into it and you will enjoy it. And the pillow [that you use to release your anger] is not going to answer back! The pillow is not going to create any chain reaction. Rather, on the contrary, the pillow will be very happy that you related with it.
Never suppress, but never create chains: this is the rule.
Remember not to suppress and remember not to create any chain. Once you learn the art you can be free of all these madnesses that come into you, without creating any disturbance in life.
Every day catharsis is needed. Life is complex, and many things come into the mind that have to be thrown.
That's why I emphasize Dynamic Meditation so much.
Make it a point every day: just as you clean your body every day, clean your mind.
This is a bath for the mind.

Throw everything, but don't throw anything on anybody; that is violence. Throw it into the vacuum. And the vacuum is big enough, the space is big enough. Don't get worried about what will happen to the pillow, what will happen to the space. Nothing is going to happen; all that you throw into it is absorbed. And then it never replies to you; there is no chain created. The act simply ends; no karma is created through it.
Do things in such a way that no future is created through them.
A catharsis is necessary, and every day it is necessary unless you have become enlightened; then you don't gather the past.
Now, you gather, you collect dust. Throw it every day.

Osho: Vedanta: Seven Steps to Freedom

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