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More about Stage Three of Dynamic
Why 'Hoo' Not 'Aum'?
Why 'Hoo' Not 'Aum'?

Why do we use the sound "Hoo" rather than "Aum" in the third stage of Dynamic?

"Aum" is just a sound, like "Hoo." I am using Hoo rather than Aum for a specific reason.
Aum can be used only when society is in a very innocent state. If the society is very innocent, unsophisticated – not very tense, relaxed – then Aum can be used as a churning stick, because if you say Aum, it never goes below the heart. Create the sound Aum, and it never goes below the heart. For those who are very innocent, this much is enough.
But in our age, which has become specifically sexual, tense, anxious, pathological, psychotic, Aum will not help. That's why I am using Hoo; Hoo goes deep down to the very sex center.

Hoo is part of a Sufi mantra: "Allah Hoo" – the last part. Sufis use it as Aum. They begin by repeating, "Allah...Allah...Allah...". Constantly repeating, "Allah," "Allah" becomes "Allah Hoo." If you repeat it constantly then "Allah" will begin to look like "Allah Hoo." Then "Allah" is dropped by and by, and simply "Hoo" is retained; and that Hoo works very deeply. Why do Sufis use Hoo? Because the Arabic race is one of the most sexual – one of the most sexual – races on earth, Sufis had to devise a different sound to work with their race; they used Hoo.
As I see it now, the whole world has become Arabic. Now Aum will not do; Hoo will do, but both mean nothing. Neither Aum means anything nor does Hoo mean anything; they are just sounds used as an inner hammering. If a person is heart-oriented, then Aum will do the work of a churning stick. Find your conscience – the authentic, real, basic, your own – then use Aum. But if the personality is not heart-oriented but sex-oriented, then Aum will not help; then Hoo will help.
So it depends: Where is your energy?
If it is in your heart – that means if you are more love-oriented rather than sex-oriented – if you are love-oriented then the energy of your body, of your mind, of your spirit, is in the heart center, and then Aum will do; Aum is mild. But if it is not in the heart, then Hoo will be better.

One thing more: if the energy is in the heart, Hoo will also do. But if it is in the sex center, Aum will not do. Hoo passes the heart center, goes deeper. Aum goes up to the heart center; it cannot go deeper.
Why can this constant hammering of Aum or Hoo, or any sound, create an inner fire?
For two reasons: one, words are electric forces, sounds are electrical; every sound is electrical.
In Tibet there is one famous yoga exercise known as heat yoga. A Tibetan Buddhist monk has to pass an examination before he becomes a perfect, ordained monk; he has to pass through the examination of heat yoga. Heat yoga means that the monk, the bhikku,stands in a cold night surrounded everywhere by snow, naked. He has to create an inner heat, so that his body begins to perspire. If he cannot pass this examination then he cannot be ordained as a Buddhist lama. So every lama, to be a lama, has to pass through this examination. And it happens; it happens!...
An absolutely cold night, when even blood begins to freeze, and this bhikku who is being examined...and they are examined, many in one night; sometimes even one thousand are examined in one night. They begin to perspire...not only to perspire, they begin to burn. If you touch them, they are burning!
What are they doing inside? With no outside heat, fire, nothing, what are they doing? And standing naked! They are using a particular sound which, hitting inside, creates body electricity.
You may have heard – it is neither a fiction, nor is it just a superstition – that sometimes yogis have burned themselves through their inner heat. Just ten years ago, a Sikh yogi burned himself in Uttar Pradesh, in front of hundreds of observers. Just sitting in a temple, meditating inside...then flames were seen, and the whole body was burning. It was examined medically and it was proved that no fuel was used; nothing from outside was found to be used. The fire came from somewhere inside, and the whole body became just ashes.

A particular sound can create fire inside; a particular sound can create coolness, because sound means electricity. If you hit a particular sound continuously, it creates heat. Aum creates heat; Hoo creates even more heat. That fire created by Aum in the conscience, in the antahkaran,burns everything that was you, and a new man is born. A new birth, a freedom is born.

Osho: "That Art Thou"

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