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More about Stage Three of Dynamic Meditation
Mandala Meditation

Not-the-Body Experiences

[In the third step]...you will see through clearly that the body is something apart. You see it moving, taking various shapes, weeping, laughing, crying.... You see it so clearly that you cannot identify that it is you who are doing it. You merely see yourself jumping, dancing. Something is happening mechanically! You see it as a separate entity.
Only when the body becomes an automaton does consciousness separate itself.

Why don't we usually feel unidentified with our body?

You cannot feel it because every moment you are identified with it. There is no gap between you and your body. What you are doing, your body is doing, and vice versa. You and the doings of your body are identified as one and the same.
But when the body takes its own course it becomes an automaton. Then things begin to happen that you never planned, that you never thought of! "Am I doing this? Am I feeling this?" And you know that you are not doing it. You did not will it but the dance is going on, and vigorously too! Then there is a gap between the doer and the done.
So now, the body has become an automaton. The consciousness cannot identify itself with an automaton; that is impossibility...whereas, if the machine works according to your will there is an identification.

If I tell this mike to move, and if it begins to move, then there is every possibility that I may identify myself with it, because now it has become a part and parcel of me. The mover and the moved have become one through the movement. But when the body moves without your will and conscious exertion then the body becomes a separate machine. Only then are you different.
This comes as a feeling so absolutely distinct that there remains no confusion. That is why I emphasize the body movements. Let them happen. Let go, whatsoever happens. Then you see that your body becomes like that of a mad man or like an animal or like a machine. You cannot identify with it, you remain aloof.

How can we move without having the slightest identification with the body?

The identification is there in the beginning, but as you move on, the identification vanishes. You see that the body has no importance any more. Such a clear situation is created after the first two steps that there cannot be any confusion. The result is so dynamic, so energizing – just a moving energy – that there is no room for any confusion.
Confusion is a part of energy when it is dormant. When the energy comes to its full path the person becomes like a dynamo....

Osho: "Early Talks"

Your identity will be lost, your image will be broken, because whatever you know about yourself is not about yourself but only a labeling. You have been told you are this or that, and you have become identified with it.
But with vigorous movement, with the cosmic dance, all identifications will be lost. You will be, for the first time, as you must have been when you were born. And with this new birth you will be a new person.

...That is why Dynamic Meditation begins with the body. Through vigorous breathing the mind expands, the consciousness expands; the whole body becomes a vibrating, living existence.
Now the jump will be easier. Now you can jump; thinking will be less of a barrier. You have become a child again: jumping, vibrating, alive. The conditioning, the mental conditioning, is not there.

Osho: "Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy"

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