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More About Stage Three of Dynamic
Accessing Our Supersenses
Accessing Our Supersenses

You said that we have to tire out our bodies through intense and deep breathing and constantly shouting "Hoo," so that we enter deep meditation. How can exhaustion and the resulting lack of energy lead to meditation, which really means abundant energy?

     "To tire out" does not mean that there will be any lack of energy. When I say you have to tire your self out, what do I mean by the term "yourself"? Here, "yourself" means your sense organs, through which your energy flows in a regular process every day. By "yourself" I mean your organism; I mean you as you are right now. I am not talking about what you really can be; I am, at the moment, concerned with what you are.

     So when you tire yourself out, two things happen together. As you tire yourself out, all your practice tires out your bodymind, your sense organs; on the other it goes on hammering your kundalini. So from one end you get tired and from another your sleeping energy begins to wake up.
     The processes are simultaneous. On one side you get fatigued and on the other your energy is awakened. At the same time, you are not in a position to use your energy any further. Your eyes are so tired that they cannot see; your mind is so tired that it cannot think, even if it wants to. Your legs refuse to move; they are so utterly weary.
     In this situation, if you want to move you will have to move without your feet, and if you want to see, you will have to see without your eyes, because they are just exhausted. So when your organism is overworked it refuses to do a thing. But at the same time some energy has been awakened and it wants to do something urgently.

     Now, this energy will immediately knock at those of your doors that are not tired, and are ever ready to take it and work with it. These openings were always ready but were denied all opportunity to do a thing. You were so strong that you could use up all your energy. Now you are tired, and new and fresh energy is up for action. But your old organs, like eyes and ears, will refuse to take it. So when your ears and eyes refuse to see, what will the new energy do?
     In this situation you will begin to see from some very different dimension, which will be a new part of your being.Your psychic center of sight will begin to operate, and you will see things that you had never seen before. You will see from a space you had never used in the past. That space had never been given an opportunity to function; now there is an opportunity for it, for the first time.
     It is for this reason that I lay stress on tiring you out. On the one hand your body has to be tired, your mind has to be tired; all that you are has to be tired so that what you really are, and you are not aware of, can become active. When fresh energy is aroused, it demands work, and your being will have to provide it with work. Actually this energy will find work by itself.
     So in the event of your ears being tired, the newly awakened energy will hear that which is called Nad, or the inner sound. In the event of your eyes being tired, the new energy will see light, an inner light. To hear the inner sound and to see the inner light, your physical ears and eyes are not needed. It will smell such perfumes as are beyond the reach of your ordinary noses. Thus, very subtle senses, what you call supersenses, will become alive and active.
     Each of our sense organs is connected with a corresponding supersense organ. There is an ear that hears on the outside and there is another ear that hears within you. But the inner ear was never given a chance to function. Now that your outer ear is overworked and it refuses to work anymore, and the new energy has gathered near your reluctant ears, what will it do? It will activate your other ear, the inner ear, which has never been used in the past. So you will hear and see such things about which, if you speak to your friends, they will say, "You have gone out of your mind! It is impossible. You are deluded; you are just dreaming."

     So that new doors to your existence open, it is necessary as a beginning to tire out your senses. Once those doors are opened, there is no problem.

If it is a case of awakening energy, then this meditation should bring freshness instead of fatigue, but ordinarily for me it brings only fatigue. Why?

     It will be so only in the beginning. But by and by you will feel fresh and exhilarated. This freshness and exhilaration is such as you have never known before. But in the beginning you will, certainly, feel tired. It is so because you have identified yourself with these senses. You think them to be yourself. So when the senses are tired, you say that you are tired. This identification with the senses has to go.
     [Then], when the senses are tired and refuse to work, a lot of energy which would otherwise have been frittered away uselessly is saved and conserved in a pool of energy within you. Then you will know what is called conservation of energy, and it will increasingly turn into your priceless treasure. Since this energy does not go out, it permeates every fiber, every pore of your being.
This energy is you, and when you understand it you will know the difference.
     So by and by, after meditation, you will experience immense freshness.
     It is wrong to say that you will feel freshness, rather, you will become freshness itself. It is not that you will feel fresh, you will be the freshness.

Osho: "In Search of the Miraculous"

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