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More about Stage Three of Dynamic

     Meditation is not a work, it is a play. Meditation is not something to be done to achieve some goal – peace, bliss – but something to be enjoyed as an end in itself.
     The festive dimension is the most important thing to be understood...and we have lost it totally. By festive, I mean the capacity to enjoy, moment to moment, all that comes to you.
     We have become so conditioned and habits have become so mechanical that even when there is no business to be done, our minds are businesslike. When no narrowing is needed, you are narrowed. Even when you are playing, you are not playing, you are not enjoying it. Even when you are playing cards, you are not enjoying it. You play for the victory, and then the play becomes a work; then what is going on is not important, only the result.
     In business the result is important. In festivity, the act is important.
     If you can make any act significant in itself, then you become festive and you can celebrate it.

     Whenever you are in celebration, the limits, the narrowing limits are broken. They are not needed; they are thrown. You come out of your straitjacket, the narrowing jacket of concentration. Now you are not choosing; everything that comes, you allow. And the moment you allow the total existence to come in, you become one with it. There is a communion.
     This communion – this celebration, this choiceless awareness, this non-businesslike attitude – I call meditation. The festivity is in the moment, in the act, not in the bothering about the results, not in achieving something.

Osho: "Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy"

     A person can be meditative and can become sad. A person can be meditative and can become very silent and may miss bliss...because meditation can make you silent, absolutely still, but unless dance happens in it, something is missing.
     Peace is good, peace is very beautiful, but something is lacking in it; bliss is lacking. When peace starts dancing it is bliss. When peace becomes active, overflowing, it is bliss. When bliss is enclosed in a seed it is peace. And when the seed has sprouted, not only that, but the tree has bloomed and the flowers have come and the seed has become a bloom, then it is samadhi.
     Peace has to dance and silence has to sing. And unless your innermost realization becomes a laughter, something is still lacking. Something still has to be done.

Osho: "The Beloved"

     Any time, in any space, [the space of the Buddha] is available. The hindrances are...your mind weaving thoughts day and night, dreaming, imagining, hallucinating. You are caught up in this hole, so badly entangled that it seems difficult to get out of it. But the way is simple. You don't have to get out of it; simply don't cling to it, and it will drop of its own accord.
     That's what I call meditation. You simply stand aloof and just see the mind disappearing, like a cloud on a faraway horizon, leaving the sky clean and pure. And in that state arises your consciousness in its full glory, in its full celebration.

     It is not without any reason that I want you to end up your meditation every day with celebration, with rejoicing.
     Slowly slowly, as meditation becomes deeper, your celebration will have more splendor. It will become more majestic...more miraculous.

Osho: "The Miracle"

     Participation is bliss. The whole universe is celebrating, every moment it is celebrating. It is a great celebration, a constant celebration; only we are not part of it. We have detached ourselves and are in misery. We are in misery because of the mind.
     The whole universe is a dance. Unless you can dance, you cannot become a part of it. Meet this dancing universe in a dancing way! Go to this celebration in a celebrating mood!
     But how can you create a celebrating mood?
     How can you yourself become a celebration when there is aggression, violence, hatred and thousands and thousands of diseases accumulated inside? You are defending them, you are safeguarding them. You are your own worst enemy.
     Become a friend to yourself. Allow the whole nonsense that is repressed and unconscious within you to be acted out.
     Meditation starts with catharsis and ends with celebration.
     When your diseases are thrown, you can dance and laugh, you can feel blissful. Only in this blissful state will there be a meeting, a meeting with the universe. That meeting is divine.
     Unless you have known that meeting and reunion, you have not known anything at all.
     Only one thing is worth knowing, and that is the deep rootedness of your being in the being of the universe. Unless you feel that you are the universe, that you are in the universe and the universe is in you, you will be in misery; you will be in hell.

Osho: " The New Alchemy: To Turn You On"

     When someone is dancing madly in a blissful state, in ecstasy after meditation, he is creating vibrations around him. They may penetrate anyone. They can become infectious; they do become infectious. This ecstasy can go to others also; this ecstasy can be felt. Others' hearts will be touched by it.
     If you can create ripples around you, vibrations, you have served the world, and there is no other way to serve it – you have served the divine, and there is no other way to serve it.

Osho: "That Art Thou"

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