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More about Stage Five of Dynamic
The Guest
The Guest

Even when we are to celebrate, I enjoy remaining silent – and the more the music and the screaming, the deeper the silence tends to be.

     When the energy floods upward, this silence will happen to you. Do not discourage it. This is what we are endeavoring for. Welcome it! This is the guest for which we are waiting.
     Start vigorously. But if you feel that the movement and the noise are dying down by themselves and a deeper silence is descending upon you, and the storm all around you and the noise and the screaming and the maddening milieu do not affect your silence – rather, they deepen it – then you can be certain that this is real and you are not deceiving yourself. Then remain silent. And at the end this will happen.
     If you have become really silent, silence will be your celebration.
     But it may be different with different individuals; it depends. It depends on the type of individual. Someone would like to express his joy by dancing, someone by singing, or some will simply weep: tears will flow down not in agony, but in bliss. Someone else may remain just silent: this is his celebration.
     So do not get worried about how to celebrate. The way it happens to you is your celebration. And if this type of silence comes to you, then welcome it, enjoy it. Cooperate with it so that it deepens more and more.

Osho: "The Supreme Doctrine"

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