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More about Stage Five of Dynamic
Intensity: Entrance to the Unknown
Intensity: Entrance to the Unknown

     All the devices and all the methods I use are just to make you more and more intense here and now, to help you to forget the past and the future. Any movement of your body or mind can be used as a jumping board: the emphasis is that you jump in the here and now.
     Even dancing can be used, but then be just the dancing, not the dancer. The moment the dancer comes in, dancing is destroyed. The seeker has come in, the time-oriented has come in; now the movement is divided, dancing has become superficial, and you have gone far away.
     When you are dancing, then be dancing, do not be the dancer, and the moment comes when you are just the movement, when there is no division.
     This non-divided consciousness is meditation.
     You can use anything. If you are eating then eating can become a meditation...if there is no eater. If you are walking then walking can become a meditation...if there is no walker. If you are loving then love can become a deep meditation...if there is no lover, the lover disappears.
     Love with a lover becomes poisonous, but love without the lover becomes divine, and something of the unknown suddenly opens.
     The present doing may be just trivial. An onlooker, an outsider, may not even be aware of what is being done; he may even think that the meditators have gone mad. They may be jumping and crying, weeping and laughing; they may be doing anything. They may be just sitting silently, or they may be creating mad noises, but whatever they are doing, they are doing it without a doer. Really, they are allowing it to happen, not doing it; they are open to it.

     In the beginning it is difficult. You do not want anything to happen without you because you want to be the master. Nothing should happen of which you are not the master and the controller. So in the beginning it is difficult. But, by and by, the more you feel the freedom that comes with the death of your controlling mind "–" the freshness that comes the moment you have relaxed controlling "–" the more you can laugh. And then, at a particular point, you begin to feel that the mind is the destructive thing in you, that the owner "–" the possessor, the controller "–" is your bondage.
     You won't become aware of this by watching someone else but just by feeling it, step by step. Then, in a sudden explosion, you are not there: the doer has disappeared and the doing alone remains. With that comes freedom, with that comes awareness, with that you become totally aware. Rather, now you are only awareness.

Osho: "Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy"

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