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Il punto di non ritorno
Il punto di non ritorno

Siamo al lavoro!

     Whatsoever you have learned here, it is only a beginning.
     You have to continue it consistently, persistently.
     No interval, no gap should be allowed.

     The mind is very cunning: if you give it a gap, all that you have learnt will be washed away. Unless a certain point is reached where energy transforms, everything can go back.
     It is just like heating water. Up to a certain point it becomes hot water, but it can fall back unless it evaporates. Unless it evaporates, it can fall back and become cold again. We also have such points inside. Unless the energy passes through those points, those chakras, it will fall down again. So you have to be aware: if you have begun something, then go on doing it.
     Go on digging in, go on continuously. Unless you feel that now something has changed and you have come to a point of no return, the energy cannot fall back, how can you know that your meditation has come to a point of evaporation?
     There are certain signs that make you aware.

     One is, the deeper your meditation goes, the less will you feel the burden of the mind. The deeper meditation goes, the less will you be a mind. Thoughts will become rare, and ultimately they cease. That doesn't mean you become unthinking; it only means that your consciousness becomes clear, transparent, without thoughts moving continuously as clouds. Whenever you need to think you can think; but now thought becomes an instrument to you, not an obsession as it is presently.
     Thoughts are an obsession without meditation. They go on in their own right; you cannot stop them. You cannot say to them, "Now you are not needed." They move, and you have to be in them; you are not the master.
     The deeper meditation goes, the more you will become master of your own thoughts. You will say, "Stop!" and the mind stops. You will say, "Move!" and the mind begins to move. Once this capacity comes to you, you will not fall down again. Unless this is achieved, if you discontinue meditation, soon every result will be washed away.
     Secondly, as meditation goes deep you will feel less and less desires, more and more contentment with whatsoever you have. There will be less and less desire for that which you don't have, and more and more contentment with whatsoever you have.
     As meditation goes deeper, a very contented consciousness evolves. Ultimately there is no desire, only contentment. They are contraries, contradictories: More desires, then less contentment. Less desires, then more contentment. No desires, then absolute contentment. When you feel this deep down – that there is no desire – every movement of the mind has ceased. Desire is the movement of the mind. When thoughts cease, desires cease; when desires cease, thought ceases…because both are movements.
     A non-moving mind – quite at ease in itself, relaxed, centered in itself – is the point from where your energy transforms into a different dimension.
     Unless this mind is achieved, you remain in the world in bondage.

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