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Finding the Center of the Cyclone
"You can call [Dynamic] a dialectical meditation. Be so active that…you have become a cyclone. Then become alert. Suddenly you will find a center, which is absolutely silent."

The Alchemy of Embracing Opposites
"To me, balance is all. Don't choose, don't reject. Dynamic is an effort towards that balance."
Chaotic Methods for Chaotic Times
"My method of Dynamic Meditation is such that it can never become a routine. It is so disorderly and chaotic."
Reclaiming the Body
"Almost fall in love with your body. It is a divine gift, a temple where the divine has decided to reside."
Lively Up Yourself
"The first thing that is to be done is: your senses should become really alive and sensitive. Only then can they be mastered."
Resurrecting Unlived Energy
"People who are too heady start losing track of their orgasmic qualities. Their whole body suffers and the head becomes like a dictator."
Diverting the Mind's Fuel Supply
"My method is to let your energy work so totally that mind is devoid of energy. Ten minutes of fast breathing [in the first stage]: your mind just cannot get any energy."
Beware the Psychic Pitfall!
"[Dynamic] is a jet method: it goes so fast that you will pass the psychic realm without noticing it."
The Transcendental
"The point has to be noted that neither side of the mind [active or inactive] is your ultimate reality."
Kindling Your Kundalini
"My whole method is concerned with kundalini. Once the method has been grasped, everything can be done by it. Now, nothing more is needed."
The Need to Unfreeze
"Meditations, particularly the ones we are doing here, are all to create fire within you....Then suddenly one day you will find that your energy is flowing upwards."
Preparing For the Inner Explosion
"Perseverance without any expectation is a great transformation in itself."
Optimizing Your Dynamic Practice
"With the upward rise of this energy, many things will happen. Please see that you don't get scared when they happen, because new experiences are frightening."
Choosing Your Method
"Both [active ands passive methods] are needed to give you a balance, because man has two sides: active and passive...."
Some Effects of Dynamic Meditation
"The meditation that I teach will have any number of physiological results. Many physical diseases can disappear; longevity can increase, and many chemical changes can take place in the body."

The Point of No Return
"The deeper your meditation goes, the less will you feel the burden of the mind."
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