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The Need to Unfreeze

     When your inner being changes, you feel a flame going upwards.
     Water, even water in contact with fire, starts evaporating upwards. Water without fire moves downwards. With fire immediately a change comes in. Beyond one hundred degrees the fire has made the water ready to move upwards; the dimension changes.
     Fire always moves upwards. Even if you hold a lamp upside down the flame will go upwards, the flame cannot go downwards.
     Fire is an effort to reach the highest peak, the omega point.
     Another thing: if you watch a flame, you can see it only for a few seconds, split seconds, then it disappears. The higher you go, the more you disappear; the lower you go, the more solid you become.
     Watch water: if it goes on getting lower and lower and lower and colder and colder, it becomes frozen, it becomes ice. Then it is like stone, then all movement stops; then it is dead. When water is frozen it is dead, it is no longer alive. You will have to melt it through fire; then movement will appear again. You will have to heat it so much that it comes to a hundred-degree point; then it will move upwards.
     So there are three stages: no movement, that is when you are frozen; a downward movement, that is when you are like water – first stage like ice, second like water – and the third is when you evaporate: then you move upwards.

     In you, almost all three stages exist simultaneously. Some part of you is like fire, moving upwards, a very small part, very tiny.... In some moments you feel like a bird and you can simply fly, but only in some moments. And even in those moments the greater part of you is hanging like stone. One part hangs like stone. Almost ninety percent of you is like ice. Nine percent of you moves like water, downwards. In sex, in anger, in hatred, you move downwards – but at least it is better to move downwards than not to move at all.
     I tell people, "If you are frozen, then move towards sex, that will help." Of course, it is not going to lead you towards the ultimate, but one thing will happen: you will start moving. When you love a person, when you feel for some other person, your bioenergy starts moving. That's why in sex you feel very excited: fire has begun to function, and when you make love, your body temperature rises. Love is like fever, a temporary fever created by your mind. That's why after love you relax deeply, you have a flow. If you can attain to sexual orgasm, a complete flow happens, then your bioenergy is moving. Those people who cannot have deep orgasms are difficult people, for meditation also. Because they cannot move, how can they move upwards?
     The first thing is movement.
     The second thing is to turn the movement upwards.

     So many people cannot move; they are afraid, they are frozen. You can clearly see their bodies as frozen phenomena. You touch them and you will feel their bodies are cold. You shake hands with them and you will feel that you are shaking hands with the dead branch of a tree, no movement.
     If you are orgasmic, if your whole body vibrates when you make love, and the vibrating phenomenon is so deep that you are no more for a single second, of course then you become just a flow. From head to toe the energy moves like a flood, and there are no blocks of ice within you; everything melts.
     When you are frozen you cannot relate. When you are frozen you are closed within yourself, you make an imprisonment – and from this imprisonment there is no way to the divine. You will have to melt.
     Before you reach the divine, before you can relate to the divine, you will have to relate to other people in this world, because when you relate to other people – that is, when you love, care – then your body melts, it flows. When it flows then another step can be taken.
    In a flowing energy it is very simple to heat the body in certain inner ways.

     All meditations are methods to give you heat, more heat than sex can give. Meditations, particularly those we are doing here, are all to create fire within you.
     Through breathing, fast chaotic breathing, fire is created, because breathing brings you more and more oxygen, and when there is more oxygen, more fire happens; without oxygen, there is no fire. Even if a flame burns, it burns because of oxygen. If there is no oxygen the fire will subside automatically.
     More oxygen has to be brought to your body because you are too frozen. You are not alive enough, you are not warm enough.

     People come to me, particularly the frozen ones, and they say, "We don't like this Dynamic Meditation."
They don't like it because they are frozen and they have too much invested in their frozenness. They don't love, but they think they are brahmacharins, celibates. They are simply frozen, ice-cubes. In their lives there is no movement, but they think they are detached.
     Of course, there is a detachment that comes when you flow upwards, but that is totally different. And there is a detachment that happens when you don't flow at all. Of course a dead man is detached, a dead man is celibate; a dead man is completely dead. You can be detached like a dead man; that is what has happened in all the monasteries of the whole world. And you can be detached in a totally different way, a qualitatively, diametrically opposite way. That is when you become so much alive that the fire comes to a point where the water doesn't flow downwards, it starts flowing upwards.
     More fire has to be created within you. You should become a furnace.
     Absorb more oxygen, make more effort; allow the body as much movement as possible. Bring energy, throbbing energy. It is there; you just have to make it throbbing.
     Live like a flame burning from both sides together. Then only, suddenly one day, you will find that your energy is flowing upwards, that you have become a flame. Then you can see yourself up to a certain extent, and then you are no more. Then suddenly you disappear into the cosmos; then you have become one with the divine. This is the symbol of fire: you can see it only for a few seconds and then it is disappearing.
     Watch fire outside, then watch fire inside, and become as much of a flame as possible.

Osho The Hidden Harmony

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