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Nitya is a twenty-nine-year-old journalist based in Milan. For the past seven years she has been working with the Rizzoli company – publishers of the two main daily papers, Corriere della Sera and Gazzetta dello Sport. Meditation became part of her life three years ago

Write On!

     "I usually do one meditative method each evening – Kundalini is my favorite. When I can't manage that, I do Chakra Breathing in the morning before leaving for work.
    "Since my first visit to the Meditation Resort in Puna in 1998 something has really changed in the way I work. I used to be identified with my job, and if things didn't happen the way I wanted them to, if nothing flowed, I gave myself a very hard time. But the more I pushed myself in this way the more I 'lost' it. Now I am not lost in what I am doing. Getting lost in the work takes so much energy that by the end of the working day I used to feel destroyed."

     "When I feel connected with myself I feel very relaxed. What do I mean by saying 'When I am connected to myself'? Let me put it this way: Sometimes in the past I was very disconnected from myself, certainly from my heart. Now typically I try to have a feeling for my subject more than an intellectual grasp. I start to put myself in the situation and I wait till the moment that something comes out – especially for the beginning of the article which is the most important part. You have to capture the attention of the reader; otherwise he will be off onto the neighbouring article or the next page."

     "I don't know how it is possible, but I feel I am not using my mind when I am writing from this inner feeling of connectedness; I don't know what it is I use but something emerges from inside. In a way you could say I am in a space of meditation. I feel at home and there is no feeling of tiredness – and in the past I would often work feeling exhausted
     "When I am able to find this space of 'no-mind' I have really a fun time. I laugh when I read what I have written: I enjoy it! – that's the right word. I go on teasing myself and the subject I am writing on; I don't take it very seriously.

    "I have always found it very easy to connect with people, but now through the impact of meditation I am more able to give them their space. In the past I knew what the company wanted from me so I would direct the interview towards that. I knew where I had to start and where I had to arrive, so I would push things along horizontally. But it wasn't easy for me."

    " Now I still keep control of the situation but I also allow them – and myself – to go deeper, which happens simultaneously – and I respect it a lot when they say something that I don't understand or like. In the past if my interview subject said something I didn't like or understand I would omit it: now I am more willing to step outside my own definitions of the subject."

    "So, meditation has helped me to connect to a deeper, more intuitive, feminine side of myself. It's given me a spaciousness and a flexibility which of course impacts the way I write, the way I relate to people, how I hear what they have to say".

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