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Immersed In the Continuous Now

Sam Blight
Graphic Designer


     Meditation came into my life at an early age thankfully, and after over thirty years has become as important to me as breathing.
     Initially I experimented with a variety of techniques, but fell in love with Vipassana (Insight) meditation and from that to Zazen, or just sitting quietly, doing nothing.

     The beauty of this approach has been that the conscious techniques employed at the beginning gradually fall away to allow the spontaneous, body-based immersion in the Now which forms my regular practice to this day.
     I sit every day after breakfast for forty minutes to an hour and whenever else my busy schedule allows.

     Because there is no technique, meditation also forms a backdrop to all my activities to a greater or lesser extent, and descends in full force in moments of unoccupied solitude.

     The state of "flow", or samadhi as it's traditionally referred to in the East, is difficult to describe but I find it easiest to think of as a kind of superconducting brain condition in which awareness ceases to be buffeted by thoughts and emotions and relaxes ever more deeply into a Now-immersed continuum in which the boundary between self and not-self disappears.

     This is extremely refreshing and has powerful positive effects on all aspects of my life including work, play, interpersonal communication and relationships, allowing an increasingly free and creative engagement with the world.


     At a deeper stage in the process, the liberation of "trapped" or disowned emotional energy begins to occur and the distinction between "therapy" and "meditation" becomes meaningless.
Powerful heart energy becomes available and the transition from one essential feeling state to another happens seamlessly and without resistance.

     One begins to enjoy the sober consciousness of waking bliss as one's "default" state and the challenges and vicissitudes of life are viewed more and more as exhilerating opportunities to further the continuing unfoldment of one's mysterious essential nature.

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