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Humanistic Therapies: The Missing Ingredient

I've been working as a primal therapist. Do you see that this kind of approach has some value?

     Primal Therapy is very good: the agony has to be released. But what about ecstasy? That's where...something goes wrong; one gets stuck in primal. Primal is a good thing but Janov is not a mystic!
     It is very good that the primal should happen, that the primal scream should come. When it has left you the weeds are uprooted: now the ecstasy, now meditation. Otherwise, sooner or later you will gather the scream again. This can become a vicious circle, and you can go on moving in a circle but you don't grow. And once the ecstasy is sown, the scream will never gather again because the energy will be taken by the ecstasy.

     Ecstasy is also a scream, but a blissful scream — not of agony, not of pain, but of joy. It is hallelujah! Once the roses have taken in a place, the soil has accepted them and they have accepted the soil, the weeds won't grow because they will be nourished by the soil and the soil will be blessed by their presence. Then the soil itself will reject the weeds because now the soil knows that roses exist; then why have weeds?
     Once you know that ecstatic exclamations are possible in life, then why scream?

Osho The Sun Behind the Sun Behind the Sun

Towards the Positive Polarity

     One day or another Western psychology has to move to the positive polarity. Efforts have started — holistic psychology and the humanistic growth movement are slowly slowly groping for something positive — but still it is a groping.
     Meditation has still not become part of the psychological movement, it is still something alien. And unless meditation becomes the very core of psychology it will remain half-hearted.
     It will help people to solve a few problems, but you solve a few, and a few more are coming on the way; you solve one and another arises, because no problem can be solved permanently if your inner awareness has not come to rule your life. You can push from one side; it starts popping up from another side, unless you are full of light within.
     I am not saying that then problems will not arise — problems will arise, but your clarity will be such, your light will be such, that whenever you look at any problem, immediately you will know the solution.
     The problem itself contains its solution for those who know how to see into it. And the question carries its answer if one has enough silence to listen.

Osho Hallelujah!

Man: The Transcendental Being

I've been leading encounter groups, bodywork groups, and so on, and doing really well with the work. But I'm feeling that there is something more...and I don't know what that is exactly.

     All these groups are immensely valuable for the modern mind. They were not needed in the ancient days because people were not cluttered with culture. Now a new need has arisen: people are so cluttered with culture that first they have to be unburdened; that is a new need. Buddha never knew about it so Buddhist methods are of no use right now. First you have to unburden yourself then Buddhist methods can be used, otherwise not. And that is one of the problems that the West has to face.
     The East has exploded on the West. All the ancient methods and techniques are becoming available, and the people who are making them available are completely unaware about the modern mind. Those methods were developed five thousand years before, some methods even ten thousand years before. Then there was a totally different kind of mind in the world, a very innocent, childlike mind. Those methods were perfectly in tune with that mind. Now man is no longer a child, man has come of age, and the problems that naturally come with growth are there. Man is no longer innocent.
     So humanistic psychology, psychoanalysis, psychosynthesis, encounter, psychodrama, and gestalt are of immense help; they are a basic need today. But they are incomplete. They only prepare the ground; they don't create the garden.

     Man's pathology is there because man has to transcend. If you cannot transcend humanity you will become pathological. All the psychological diseases are there because man has an inner capacity to go beyond humanity, to surpass humanity. That energy is there: if you don't allow it, it will turn upon you, it will be destructive. All creative people are dangerous people, because if they are not allowed creativity they will become destructive.
     So this is the work....

Osho Believing the Impossible Before Breakfast

   Encounter groups, primal therapy, gestalt, bioenergetics...and so many beautiful things are happening in the world, but they are stuck at a certain point. Their problem is: they teach expression — and it is good, it is far better than repression. If there is only this choice, repress or express, then I would suggest express. But this is not the real choice; there is a third alternative far more important than both these.
     If you express, you become habitual; you learn by doing it again and again. You can't get out of it. In this [meditation resort] there are at least fifty therapy groups running, for a certain reason. It is just to balance the thousands of years of repression; it is just to balance. It is just to bring to light all that you have repressed as Christians, Hindus, Mohammedans, Jainas, Buddhists..... It is just to undo the centuries' old harm that has been done to you.
     But remember, these groups are not the end; they only prepare you for meditation. They are not the goal; they are just simple means to undo the wrong of the past. Once you have thrown out of your system all that you have been repressing all along, I have to lead you into watchfulness, and how it will be easier to watch.

Osho The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha

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