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The Yoga students to whom I would like to introduce Dynamic, and the other active meditations, are people of a disciplined mind. How can such people practice Dynamic, with its explosive expression of emotions?

     Such people cling to discipline, but the primary need of an unstill mind is to be anarchic; only then can it transcend itself. You can ordain discipline, but discipline is an outward conditioning; the inner being remains the same. There will be anarchy within and discipline without: anarchy remains in the heart while the discipline forms a part of the cultivated personality. So first let tension, confusion, anarchy reach a climax. Then there will be an explosion, and discipline will come as the result.
     Tell the people who come to you for spiritual guidance about this method.
     They will feel the change that happens through it themselves, the transformation.
Let them practice it as an experiment – with their unstill minds, with their doubts – and if something happens through it, then the practice will continue by itself; there will be no need to convince them.
     The anarchy within must be exploded. It should not be stilled or pushed down, it must he expressed in total intensity. Calmness, serenity, nirvana, come not by stilling the mind but by explosion. Then the stillness comes by itself; it is not a cultivated composure.
     Let Dynamic Meditation be tried as an experiment by those who come to you. Tell them that the emphasis is not on believing it, but that they should do it, then they will know what happens. And things are bound to happen, because this madness that I am talking about is within everyone.

Osho The Great Challenge

Discipline out of Emptiness
     Something like Yoga plus some cathartic method is needed so you become disciplined, and yet you are not repressing. Then there is a perfect combination. That's what I am doing here.
     All these methods, Dynamic Meditation and others, are all cathartic so you become empty, and then you control yourself. When control happens in emptiness it is tremendously beautiful. But when you have the whole marketplace inside and you control, you become almost imprisoned in it. Your own control becomes a great load on your being. It doesn't give you weightlessness. It doesn't allow you to fly into the sky.It makes you more and more rooted in the earth. You become heavier and heavier and heavier.
     So every practitioner of Yoga, particularly in this modern world, needs to work simultaneously on catharsis. Both the works should go together, so you go on controlling and you go on throwing out all the rubbish.
     A day comes when discipline is there, but there is nothing to discipline it. One is innocent. Then discipline becomes spontaneous. There is no sting of control in it. One feels disciplined and yet free. Unless a discipline becomes freedom, it is dangerous.

Osho Get Out of Your Own Way

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