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Links to Articles on Yoga

The Triangle Pose

•    Shaking the Inner Snake Awake
Osho The Psychology of the Esoteric
"Yoga is helpful, but it is only one part. The other part is what Buddha calls mindfulness."

•    Yoga: Putting Perfume on a Dirty Dog?
Osho Times Asian; an interview with Joseph Roberson. USA
"Yoga works wonders for the body and mind and spirit; yet many times emotions require something more dramatic, some cathartic release...."

•    Hatha Yoga in 21st Century Living
Osho The Eternal Quest
"Something totally unknown to Hatha Yoga has to be introduced now: the body must go through a catharsis first. [For this] a totally new science will be needed."

•    Where Yoga and Buddha Meet Osho
Osho That Art Thou
"Three steps of the morning meditation [Dynamic] are of Yoga, and the fourth is samkhya."

•    Dynamic, and Different Energy Types
Osho Yoga: The Alpha and Omega
"The Dynamic technique is really a very rare phenomenon. It does not belong to any type; it can help all."

•    A Workable Synthesis
Maneesha James
"Nothing like [the element of celebration in the Osho approach] exists in any system. It's the element that keeps meditation light-hearted; and that's important."

•    Dancing Yogis
Osho The Great Challenge.
"...The primary need of an unstill mind is to be anarchic; only then can it transcend itself."

•    Authentic and Imposed Asanas
Osho The Great Challenge
"Everything must be meditation-oriented, because meditation is first, and everything else follows."

•    Feedback from Yoga Practitioners
"Through [the active meditations] I feel like a lot of energy blocks have been removed.... I am more in the moment and feel immense gratitude during yoga."

•    Osho Yoga
Osho In Search of the Miraculous
"What I call meditation…is a process of sahaja yoga. Here, you accept all that happens to you; you let go of yourself completely and accept all that happens on its own."

•    Discipline Meets Play: Yoga and the Active Methods
Elke Steinbeisser
"Since doing them, [The Active Methods] I've noticed that in yoga I can go deeper into the still part there too. Sitting for prolonged periods of time, even in lotus position, has become much easier too."

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