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Thamara Mansilla, Marketing Manager,Computer EngineerBetter Than Gym!

     I started Dynamic two and a half years ago, but I was not doing it continuously. Then for one year I did it every day, and that's when I felt the changes.
     First I will tell you how it affects my body.
     I always tell women it is better than the gym! I used to have cellulitis in the thighs; I don't have any cellulite anymore. Before, my arms were flabby and now I look as though I do weights! But I only do Dynamic. My body generally feels firmer and is shapelier...more beautiful! I am more flexible, like a dancer, whereas before, I was more rigid. I've never had such a good time in my body; I enjoy it, I love it! My ex-boyfriend said after a year of my doing Dynamic that I looked more beautiful.
     I do the whole stage of jumping — I am very relaxed with it. I think it is very important to move the whole pelvis area, to keep it lose. For me the jumping stage is like a dance. I can't stop jumping! It's as though something is pulling me up.
     When I first started, the "Hoo" [the shout used in the third stage, along with jumping] was in the throat; and then it started by itself coming down lower and lower; I could feel a break and then it would move down and down, and now it is in my hara. Sometimes it is slightly high, sometimes lower. When I don't make love for a long time, Dynamic is especially wonderful.
     Five years ago I used to jog; I ran for two and a half years but I had to stop because of my knees. Sometimes I fell over, for example, when I was going downstairs, because my knees were not supporting me. A physical therapist told me I should be doing rehab. But I didn't.
     Some people said Dynamic might not be good for my knees; but they have actually improved through doing Dynamic.
     I used to be constipated, and my skin had little pimples and shadows under the eyes. All my life, I used to have bowel movements only once or twice a week; since doing Dynamic I go once or twice a day. I don't feel the fact that I was eating meat was connected to the constipation. Before, I tried a lot of different diets and they never helped me much in that area. That's why I am sure it was Dynamic that helped.

     Before I started Dynamic I used to eat meat; now I just don't feel attracted to it. But I like sweets more ! I did a water enema for a week, during which time I ate only vegetable soup, only liquids; that helped me to jump. I felt that the energy was able to pass better through my body. Before that I felt my body was in division — the upper and lower. When I cleaned my intestines, I felt the energy flowed better.

     Before Dynamic I had one or two orgasms a month. I could make love every day but only sometimes have an orgasm. I don't know why...maybe because I was trying to achieve an orgasm or maybe because I was staying in control. Also the orgasms I did have were clitoral. I couldn't feel the penis in my vagina.
     My boyfriend started Dynamic the same time as me and, like me, did it for one year every day. Now, each time I make love, sometimes I feel orgasms but anyway, they are a different kind. A lot of times we have orgasms together. The period of orgasm is longer and more profound. There is no stress anymore; it's a letting go. I feel something is awake in my sexuality that before was sleeping.

General Energy Level.
     When I am dancing people look at me and say, "How can you have this kind of energy?" and they ask me if I have taken drugs! I know people think I am drinking alcohol because I have a lot of energy all day.

Psychological Changes.
     I have two friends: we started Dynamic together, and we can see the change in the others. That is beautiful because we are all growing together.
     My family supports me. They see the wonderful changes, that I am more healthy and happy.
     Something else has changed: children come to me. I have a nephew whose parents are fighting and he is nervous. He is relaxed when he is with me. This only has happened since Dynamic; before that children never liked me.
     I used to live in a drama — fighting. My work place was a very aggressive environment. There was a lot of struggling and women at work always hated me. Dynamic gave me the power to trust in life, and now I am more responsible for my life. Two or three months after I began Dynamic, all my psychological environment changed; the people changed!
     I don't know how it happened but one year ago everyone hated me and recently, when I quit my job, people were crying and my boss didn't want me to go! I had made a lot of friends at work, and for me it had become a pleasure to go to work; before, it was a torture. I was so critical of others and myself; now I accept more. Things happen and I can stand apart and see them happening. I am not so attached to others' feeling towards me.
     I see people looking serious — and inside I am laughing a lot.
     The most wonderful thing is that projecting onto others has changed. I used to always throw blame on the other.
     My sisters said, "I thought when you meditated you would become nicer."
     I said, "No, I am becoming more myself and more responsible for my life."

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Thamara Mansilla, 36,
Marketing manager/ computer engineer,

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