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Jodi DonavonGetting to Know Me

     I'm feeling so much more positive and driven these days...a combination of factors but I've literally been discovering the Active Meditations. A friend and I are practising some of the Active Meditations and experiencing incredible relaxation.
I've been throwing myself into self-discovery and learning as much as I can about awareness, which is his [Osho's] modality. It really is incredible.

I've been soul searching for such a long time, attempting this or that only to feel hopeless, even more so than to begin with. At only 29, I just don't know what I believe anymore.
     There are so many beliefs about life in general, and I feel that I've just gotten to a point where none of it makes sense. That was until I read Osho. I know I'm reading the truth in every word; it just feels right somehow. Finally, I'm prepared to live life and accept everything that comes my way. I think for so long I've just lived too much in the past, with an incredible amount of resentment and anger.

     These meditation techniques actively allow me to let my anger out, in an appropriate and conscious way and I am able to see that I, Jodi as I am, am not my anger (or other feelings); nor am I my body.
     I know I've made my mind my own worst enemy, as is the norm in this day and age, but it doesn't help with relationships with others, especially the one I have (or maybe don't have) with myself. This obsession with others has helped me not to have to face myself; perhaps that's scary enough in itself, as I didn't know myself and don't know what I'll find.

     I'm actually just at a place where I enjoy the time on my own, my aloneness and really getting to know me. Meditation is really helping me to find that.
    It's incredible how my world has opened up so much in the past couple of months since discovering meditation, the active type that so suits me and my lifestyle.

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Jodi Donavon

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