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 Jan HesselinkNo Thoughts, Only Pure Awareness

     Words do not exist to describe the state I will try to describe, so because of that, what I am writing will be crippled....
     In my experience there are two transpersonal methods – the Dynamic Meditation and holotropic breath work – that are more powerful than any other existing technique to connect with the divine in ourselves ...more powerful than any LSD, X or a mushroom trip. And the latter methods are powerful!

     On the biochemical level, Dynamic most probably triggers our brain by inducing a release of endogenous ecstasy neurotransmitters, perhaps serotonin, dopamine, or our endogenous cannabinoids.
     I first came into contact with Dynamic Meditation during a workshop in Brazil; it was part of a 2 week intense meditation workshop. I have never encountered such a strong and immediate effect of a meditation. Normally we associate meditation with introspective states, or states where we learn to watch the breath, such as in Vipassana meditation. Dynamic meditation creates quite a different state of being, and I was totally impressed by its impact. I remember this experience in much detail, as if it was yesterday.
     We were standing in the Zendo, in the middle of the Brazilian jungle, with the sounds of insects and birds all around us, the air pure and pregnant with many subtle fragrances. I had no clue about the effects of Dynamic, having never read or heard anything about its structure and its effects. After a short explanation of the phases of this meditation, the music started. I will not describe the various phases, but only focus on the moments of altered and expanded consciousness, which were triggered by the sudden change in the meditation.
     We were jumping up in the air, and yelling "Hoo...Hoo" every time we hit mother earth with our feet. After a while of my jumping like this it became a flow, a beautiful rhythm, and instead of me actively jumping, the feeling emerged that the jumper (me) and the jumping kind of became one. This flow became more intense with each jump, till the stop sign was given and we froze exactly in the posture of that particular moment.
     In that moment I felt an intense, sudden expansion of my body and mind awareness, an expansion of my inner being into the environment. The "I" disappeared completely, the borderline between me and the rest of the world dissolving totally.
     I did not feel my own body as restricted to the physical space, as I normally do. There was no restriction at all; the expansion of consciousness was centrifugal and explosive. There were no thoughts at all, only pure awareness – an awareness of light, of air and sounds, hand in hand with an awareness of intense stillness behind all sounds, and spaciousness behind air and light. A total stillness entered my awareness and being...a feeling of being connected to a source of light, love and endlessness.
     I felt totally empty, not in a negative way, but in a receptive way.
It was an emptiness full of life, full of ecstasy, without any mind-activity, far beyond the "I" with which I identify myself in the normal daily states.
     This state lasted for an eternity. Time did not exist; there was only this expanding and unfolding awareness. Slowly my body-awareness changed and I could feel the sweat all over my body, and the tingling and the throbbing of my heart, as if I was watching myself from a great distance. I noticed tears on my face, although I did not feel any sadness.
     The feeling at that time was so utterly different from normal feelings that words do not exist to describe it. It all felt like an enormous shower of light and love, and as if all channels in my body/soul were cleaned of old debris and filled with purity. It was extremely inspiring.
     Based on these experiences I could understand and feel much better, that God or the divine can only enter us if we become an empty vessel, if we become totally receptive. If our mind is full of the normal thoughts, and we identify ourselves with it, no place is created for the divine to enter and inspire us.

     The experience of the Dynamic Meditation was, for me, one of the most intense transpersonal experiences I have encountered. Since I first started it my creativity – expressed through singing and dancing – has soared.
     I feel that it is extremely important to enter this meditation with no expectations, like a tabula rasa. Just dive into it and let it all happen to you. It will change your life and it will inspire you to proceed on the journey within, and to reconnect with your own inner wisdom and love."

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Dr Jan Keppel Hesselink MD

Dr Jan Keppel Hesselink MD
Professor of Pharmacology, The Netherlands


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