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Dynamic MeditationDynamic MeditationDynamic Meditation

How the Physician Heals Herself

Dr Raina Falk, neurologist and psychiatrist from Germany, offers Dynamic Meditation to her patients for twenty-one days every month.

    "Patients who come to me fall into two categories. Some are suffering from migraine, upset stomach, heartaches, back pains...all sorts of psychosomatic disorders. These are the sort of people doctors feel helpless about. And the others are suffering from depressions or latent aggressions. Both groups benefit immensely from Dynamic. But I don't recommend it to patients with neurological or psychotic symptoms.
    "I offer Dynamic Meditation not for research reasons but because I like doing it myself!
    "From what my patients tell me, a lot happens for them. In my last group, a man with a shoulder-arm syndrome had to have daily injections because he could not move his arm for pain. One morning he suddenly realized he could move his arm again. Another man, who had been depressed, told me after the first week of his doing Dynamic that he had danced all night with his wife. He was jubilant!"

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