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Dynamic Meditation in Monastries
Getting Down to the Sound of One Hand Clapping

Fremantle, Australia
Osho's Dynamic Meditation has become so popular in Fremantle, Australia that it's slipping through the creaky floorboards of religious orthodoxy and becoming a hit at a local Buddhist monastery.
     Word has it that traditional, ochre-robed, shaven-headed Buddhist monks from the Deva Chen Buddhist Sanctuary are no longer getting up at five each morning to sit in the lotus posture and watch their breath, but are screaming themselves awake with Dynamic Meditation. Now that's what is called getting down to the sound of one hand clapping.


Lama Denys Teundroup, head lama of the Karma Ling Dharma center near Grenoble in the French Alps, visited Osho Commune International last year and discovered Osho Dynamic Meditation.
     Back in France, he called in a member of his staff and informed him that the meditators in his Tibetan Buddhist monastery "could use a little movement." He then demonstrated the first stage of Dynamic. The startled woman gazed at the lama with incredulous eyes and recoiled in her seat.
     Today, she laughs at the memory, as she is now called Prem Naveena. She and her boyfriend, Bodhi, took sannyas during their first visit to Pune. They especially appreciate the atmosphere of celebration and heartfulness in the Commune.
     "It makes a balance for me," Naveena explained. "Although I love the meditations at the monastery, I don't like all the intellectual talking and teaching."
     Bodhi, who is the monastery's head monk, has been a Buddhist for fourteen years. Now the head lama has asked them to open an Osho department at the monastery, which received 6,000 visitors last year – including the Dalai Lama.

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