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Active Meditation in Sport

Active Meditation in Sport

Baltic Sea Sail Away

Anand Sumaran, who runs a sailing school on his boat, "The Mystic Rose," on the Rhine in Germany, has started meditation camps at sea.
     "A week on a sailing boat can transform your life," he claims. "When the ground is literally taken from under your feet and you find yourself living in close quarters with a group of strangers, the mind boggles and old habits are quickly broken. A gap is created which can be filled with awareness. Sailing takes us to our limits and beyond. It teaches us alertness, because daydreaming can be fatal in an emergency."
     He believes that meditation comes naturally on the ocean waves. Sailors have to learn to let go because relaxing into the swaying of the boat is often the only alternative to being seasick.
     "Growing more silent, listening to the elements, becoming sensitive to tiny changes in the movements of the breeze or the clouds, we fall into a deeper place in ourselves," enthuses Sumaran.

Dynamic at Atlanta Olympics

Dynamic Meditation will make its second appearance at the Olympic games this summer in Atlanta, Georgia.
     Two sons of Gauri Shankar Bharti and Padma have been using Osho Dynamic Meditation for the past few years as part of their official physical-emotional-mental workout program in preparation for representing India in field hockey at the 1996 Olympic Games.
     Vivek already represented India in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. Rahul will be playing for the first time this July. The two brothers gather together before each game with a few friends — including the former Indian hockey captain, Pargat Singh — and do Dynamic Meditation. And judging by the results on the field, it seems to be paying off. The Indian field hockey team has already scored second place in the practice tournament in Atlanta.
     Vivek and Rahul learnt about the benefits of Dynamic Meditation from their father. Gauri Shankar Bharti is not only a professor of Zoology at the U.P. College in Varanasi, but also the field hockey coach for all three of India's Varanasi District teams. All of Bharti's trainees do Osho Dynamic Meditation every day before their game.
     "For me Dynamic is the supreme Yoga," Bharti says of its inner and outer athletic merits. "All other exercises and drills are really nothing compared to it."

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