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Hobbies and Free Time

Removing the Barrier to Joy

Stadtkurier, Hobby & Freizeit, January 9, 2002
     To be awake, aware and clear-headed: who wouldn't like that? Anger, sadness, lethargy or hate – these are emotions and problems that we all carry in us, and they are hindering us from living in joy and friendship.
     In times of crisis and war, as we are experiencing right now, it is important to recognize what each of us is contributing unconsciously. How we, instead of blaming others, can change ourselves so that peace and joy can live in us, through us.
     In the '60's the Indian mystic Osho invented the Dynamic Meditation – using breath, catharsis and dance to allow us to connect with our feelings in a playful and profound way, bringing about a transformation, freedom and awareness. Because this method is practiced successfully in psychosomatic clinics and therapy groups, we would like to introduce it to you. [A description of each stage of Dynamic follows.]

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