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Soul Massage for Restless Movers.
– by Andy Elten, Germany.
"The Dynamic Meditation is, you could say, the lotus posture plus disco dancing plus awareness. You simply have to do it totally."
Moving Towards Stillness.
– from Health & Fitness magazine, UK.
"As Osho puts it, 'Meditation is your birthright. It is there, waiting for you to relax a little, so it can sing a song, become a dance....' "

Driving Madness up the Wall.
– by Dr Wilfried Nelles, Germany.
"The question is: Do we want to wake up? Do we really want to be disillusioned? Or do we prefer to hold onto our illusions until the bitter end?"
Meditation Makes the Bus Rides Safer.
– from Svenska Dagbladet, Sweden.
"[Bus driver] Rolf Dahl [says] 'Meditation gives you a solid platform. It becomes easier not to take insults personally or to react emotionally.' "

The Icing on the Cake.
– from Osho Times International
– by Dr Lukas Forschner, Germany
"[Meditation] has an impact on the collective unconscious of the [addiction] clinic [where he works]. It feels like one of the most intelligent things we all have been asked to do."
Removing the Barrier to Joy.
- from Stadtkurier Germany Jan 9 2002
"...Osho invented the Dynamic Meditation...to allow us to connect with our feelings in a playful and profound way, bringing about a transformation...."

Relax, and Let Your Worries Go.
– from The Guardian, UK, October 29, 2001
"Workers feared meditation would make them timid; instead it has been shown to enhance assertiveness, allowing the mind to clear and to solve all the day's problems."
Dynamic Spreads across the Fatherland...and Beyond.
– from Osho Times International
"An increasing number of acting schools, psychosomatic clinics and institutes are using Osho's meditations in their programs."

The Effects of Meditation on Anxiety.
– by Roderigo Esponda, University of Diego Portales, Chile.
"These results...prove empirically that a short workshop of meditation, and more specifically of Active Meditations of Osho...considerably diminish the anxiety of the participant, mainly on a cognitive level."
Getting Real
– by Maneesha James.
"The beauty of the meditative approach [as opposed to the therapeutic one] is that you remain independent, and it doesn't cost you an arm and a leg."

Meditation Improves Immune System Function: Study
The Sydney Morning Herald
February 5 2003

When researchers checked for antibodies to the vaccine at one month and two months later, the meditators had significantly higher levels than the non-meditators. Professor Richard Davidson, the study's lead author, says some of the changes persisted for four months after the formal eight-week course.
Soul Surfers On the Crest of Yoga's Wave.
– by Sophie Tedmanson, The Weekend Australian.
"I've started learning how the mind works so when you take that into a big-wave situation you can concentrate. Through yoga you can breath and visualize and just be really focused."

Dynamic: Detergent For the Soul.
– from Osho Times International,
– by Yuthika Smith, Australia.
"It was the first time in my life that I had actually come to terms with the fact that I had a body and it was capable of doing things far beyond the limits I had placed on it."

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