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Individual Feedback from participants in the 21-Day Global Dynamic Event

Individual Feedback from participants in the 21-Day Global Dynamic Event

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     "[The 21-Day Dynamic] was incredible. It just kept going deeper and deeper and more profound than I ever felt with Dynamic or any other meditation before. I felt tremendously supported by the group and community energy, and also by the fact that the same person was leading the meditation every day.
     "I feel more at ease with myself inside but with a stronger outside. My energy is more grounded so that when I walk, for example, I feel my body more."

Goldie, 43-year-old Management Consultant, USA

     "I do Dynamic regularly. But this time there was something new to explore every day. I reached a new layer in the breathing, and then the catharsis became really easy.
     "I've been going through quite a difficult time emotionally, letting go of people in my life: Dynamic helps my emotions be clearer, easier somehow. I have a tendency to get stuck in emotions and moods for days; they just hang there. But when I do Dynamic I keep on moving to the next thing and the next. Anger comes and is gone; tears come, and they are gone; and there is so much laughter too. I don't take myself so seriously."

Tamrasi, 36-year-old Social Worker, The Netherlands

     "Doing Dynamic for 21 days was incredible for me because a few years ago I had a car accident; since then my left leg has difficulty in jumping and dancing. I had never done Dynamic for more than a few days, so this chance was very precious. I jumped in and persuaded myself to finish it, and a miracle happened with my leg. Now it moves easier and my body feels more light. Also it is much easier to sit in silence in White Robe Brotherhood [the evening meditation] to move deep inside myself, to feel myself."
Lonika, Taiwan

     "Dynamic is my favorite meditation. I feel so light, more present in the moment. When I don't do it I feel something is missing in my life.
     "I feel a oneness that is most beautiful for me. When I hugged before I felt separate from the other; now, when I hug a tree, I feel one with it...and more playful and enjoying myself."
Tanmaya, 54 years old, India

     "I felt so good, so in love with existence, totally inspired, totally creative. It was magic."                           
Veet Diti, 46-year-old Theater Producer, Australia

     "I love Dynamic. In Hamburg, between 3 to 9 of us got together to do it every day. Some days it was more intense than others were, but always it was a source of energy and gave a different color to the day.
     "The first morning after the 21 days I took a holiday and didn't do it. I felt a sense of inner energy was missing."
Prabodh, 58 years old, Judge, Germany

     "It was very good, the best thing I did last month on three levels: physically I'm much stronger; emotionally I'm much more stable and clear; and thirdly, sitting silently is much easier. When I do Dynamic I have much more energy during the day, and sleep really well at night. I touch the pillow and disappear in a split second!"
Amrit Pujarin, 32-year-old Artist, Sculptor, Canada

     "It is always a very intense experience for me to do Dynamic. During the 21 days I saw many patterns of my mind, including a resistance to getting up early in the morning. But the feeling of commitment, along with the support from the group, helped me keep going. When I do Dynamic I feel very alive. My energy is flowing; I'm very light, happy...unburdened."
Atasha, 43 years old, Afghanistan

     "My back had always given me pain because of sitting at the drawing board. Suddenly it has straightened up and feels much more relaxed. The difference in my ... Kirlian photograph before and after the 21 days was startling. I could see from the auras on the photographs that Dynamic was affecting every part of my body. The difference was so clear that I realized that most of my illnesses, maybe 80 percent, are psychosomatic."
Yatri, 33-year-old Architectural Draughtsman, Italy

    "It was very exciting — so many meditating together for three weeks, rather than one having to make a daily decision of whether to go or not. The collective support in fact, of the whole community, was very strong. Even when I got a cold there was energy to keep going. Every day I felt better than the day before. By the third week it almost felt like the meditation was doing itself.
     "The effects are lasting. I have more liveliness in my being and body, and much more focus in daytime activities."

Devena, 50-year-old Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

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