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Kirlian Photography: An Interview

Kirlian Photography: An Interview

Kirlian Photography: An Interview

In Japan, Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Norway and India – in fact all around the globe – the music for the first stage of Osho Dynamic Meditation sounded out loud and clear at 6.00 am local time every day from June 24 to July 14 [1996].
     During the "Osho Dynamic Project" some locations offered group sharings and a sumptuous breakfast together after the meditation; others held media conferences and interviews, where experienced meditators talked about Osho's vision and the project. In Japan and Brazil halls had to be hired to cater for the rush to experience meditation dynamic style.
     And let's not forget the lapsed meditators – a category that includes most of us at some time or other! – who came out of the woodwork in dramatic numbers to take advantage of the collective support to get back into shape, physically and spiritually.
     In India the press coverage was wide and diverse. The Times of India set the pace at the commencement of the 21 days with a lengthy article – including Osho's instructions for the meditation – devoted to the project.
...Meditation The Best Medication

Kirlian Photography
A group of 25 volunteers, under the guidance of Prem Yatri, participated in a unique experiment that used Kirlian photography to demonstrate the effect of Osho Dynamic Meditation on the human energy system. Osho Times International spoke to Yatri....

What does Kirlian mean?
     The Kirlian effect is an electromagnetic device to define the energy emissions of living bodies.

Why would someone want a Kirlian photograph taken of their body?

     A Kirlian photograph of the hands and feet can give a clear indication of a person's energy state. The sensitivity of the system allows an awareness of things not yet manifested in the physical body. So it is of tremendous help in verifying the effects of all kinds of healing based on the energy level.

Is meditation a healing process?

     The energy body and the physical body are connected, and whatever happens in one influences the other. Meditation is a subtle healing and it shows in the energy level very clearly, with different meditations effecting different parts of the body. Dynamic and Kundalini Meditations work on the whole energy body.

How exactly does Dynamic Meditation work?
     Imbalances in the energy body create tension. Many experiments with different techniques have shown that Dynamic and Kundalini have the greatest effect on these imbalances. The initial breakthrough in Dynamic happens in stage 2, the catharsis; then stages 3,4 and 5 work on a much deeper level. The visible thing is that, at the end of the meditation, the quality and quantity of the energy are different.

Does this 21- day experiment with Dynamic show this?

     Yes, generally the quality of the energy was more radiant after each morning's meditation. The change can be miraculous when all the stages are done totally.
     At the beginning of the experiment, we photographed each volunteer to ascertain at which stage their energy was blocked, and they found this information was useful.
     There are five basic levels of energy in the process of healing, and participants who completed the full 21 days moved to a higher level of health. The change was clear and evident.

How does this difference show up in a Kirlian photograph?

     You can see gaps in the energy; and you can distinguish quantitative and qualitative changes in the energy. Quality shows as more light, less dark. All these signs, taken together, show a certain structure.
     By taking several pictures of one person it is possible to recognize the basic structures that remain the same in normal life. Children do not have a fixed structure: their picture is a constant flow, which explains their capacity to overcome disease and stress in a better way than adults can do.
     Meditation guides us back to the energy level we knew as a child, but instead of being scattered, it is now harmonious and integrated.

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