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Let's Wake Up Together
21-Day Dynamic Meditation Global Event
– reports from Osho Meditation Centers worldwide, June 1996.
" Woooow! It's really something to meditate in synchronicity with all of you there somewhere in the world. To me it feels more and more true: we are the world."
The Third Millenium
– by Ana Elizabeth Diniz, Estado de Minas, Brazil
"The event – the 21 days of Osho Dynamic Meditation – that will transform your life, is being done for the first time in 40 countries simultaneously."

Meditation, the Best Medication
The Times of India, Pune, June 24, 1996
"[Osho] demonstrated how to enjoy life and love yourself through his path-breaking meditations, which he believed were the treasure of one's being."
Co- Leading the 21- Day Dynamic Event
– interview, April 2002, with Pramada Harkness in Australia
– by Maneesha James
"There was something of a collective breakthrough in the middle of the second week. After the final 'Hoo' [in Stage 3] the sound of silence was ringing like a huge bell."

Meditation: Catharsis and Celebrative Dance.
– by Alessandra Anselmo, Hoje em Dia, Brazil
"Dynamic Meditation can look like nonsense, but…enterprises around the world are using it as a way to reduce violence and stress between their employees."
Dynamic Meditation as a Mirror: A Study In Self-Esteem.
– Osho Times International June 1995
"'Dynamic Meditation obviously brings you to a more realistic view of yourself,' [Psychologist Jutta Blume from the University of Bamberg, Germany] concludes."

Catharsis of a Different Kind
Indian Express, August 26th, 1996
"[Dynamic] is like a complete health program. Here is a technique that not only works out bodies but also minds and hearts."
Kirlian Photography an Interview
–with Prem Yatri
– by Osho Times International. "Meditation is a subtle healing, and it shows at the energy level very clearly, with different meditations affecting different parts of the body."

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Jump and Yell 'Hoo!'"
The Asian Age, India
"Meditating helps you to think positively. It helps in understanding oneself. Meditation helps you to have better control over your emotions and improves relationships."
The Global Dynamic Event: Individual Feedback
– Global Connections, Osho Meditation Resort, Pune, India
"I had never done Dynamic for more than a few days, so this chance was very precious. I jumped in and persuaded myself to finish it, and a miracle happened."

Dynamic Meditation Can Help Release Pent Up Emotions
– from Uni Magazine
     Ms Ulka Sagar, an executive working in a leading company, said, "After completing the 21-days' course, I don't feel much tension or anguish; and, even if I do feel them, I am more aware of it now. I have realized one thing for sure — that there is much more than a mundane life."

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