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The Third Millenium

Estado de Minas, Brazil
by Ana Elizabeth Diniz

     An international movement in favor of inner peace is going to happen from the 24th [June 1996] in the Instituto Anix, in Belo Horizonte. During the 21 days, adepts of Dynamic Meditation, created by the Indian mystic, Osho, will get together, from 6.45 am to 7.45 am to meditate, in order to elevate the energy and quality of life in the city.
     The creator of the international commune, a meditation center created in the seventies in India, Osho, who died in 1990, considered that, "For the modern man I insist on the active meditations and not the silent ones because your energy needs action, it needs catharsis. You have much energy with no action for it. Let it flow. Melt into existence through the action and, when the energy is gone and you relax, then be silent. Find a cool spot in the pond and relax there."
     The mystic left to his followers from all over the world, a legacy that includes dozens of techniques for meditation and more than 600 books with his discourses.
     In Belo Horizonte, the 21 days of Dynamic Meditation is under the coordination of Marga Premen.... From what Marga Premen says, the mystic Osho has created a vision for the new man, who integrates the inner and outer world. This technique synthesizes some of the active practices developed by many occidental therapies and knowledge of deep relaxation (the art of sitting and doing nothing, according to the Zen way).
     For one hour, [in the Dynamic Meditation] participants go through different stages that bring physical and emotional benefits, mental clarity and deepen relaxation and the meditative state.
     In the first stage, says Premen, the participants do a chaotic breathing that activates the accumulated energies inside the individual. It is followed by a real catharsis, in which the mind becomes clear, the body drops its tensions and heat is activated, says Premen. The mantra "Hoo" is then continuously repeated, creating an empty space inside the individual, and this makes the way for him to receive the vital energy that springs up inside and spreads throughout his whole being. Then comes the "Stop," when the silence is experienced and brings one to ecstasy.
     To bring the meditation to a close, a celebrative dance happens. Premen says this is to reconnect the person with life and to bring the watchfulness, experienced during the meditation, into everyday life. It is important to be empty to live each moment. The only cause of stress is the accumulated impressions from the past. That is why meditation is so important.
     The event – the 21 days of Osho Dynamic Meditation – that will transform your life, is being done for the first time in 40 countries simultaneously. In Brazil, the capitals that are participating are Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio be Janiero, Porto Alegre, Curitiba and Salvador.

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