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Dynamic meditation helps release pent-up emotions, anger

Uni Magazine

     Mumbai, July 21, 1996 : "Dynamic meditation releases pent-up emotions, anger, frustration repressed within us, which lies dormant like a simmering volcano ready to erupt at the slightest given opportunity, if not released," according to Dr Rajan Bhonsle, organizer of the Dynamic Meditation for Global peace, a cathartic meditation designed for the modern man held recently in major cities all over the world.
     In an interview to [sic] UNI, DR Bhonsle said the 21- day Dynamic was a means to create positive meditative energy in people so that they can help others to be more joyous and peaceful.
     Dynamic Meditation wakes you up from your deep slumber, shakes you, and life can never be the same again, Dr Bhonsle said, adding that Osho, an enlightened mystic, around whom a commune was first established in Pune in 1974, has suggested Dynamic Meditation to each and every person if he has to get out of the ditch he has dug himself.
     Man today is burdened with the tensions of a fast life, repressed emotions, conditioning and violence, which cannot be released merely by sitting silently, he added.
     Dr Bhonsle said that in India there are 112 techniques of meditation that were written perhaps ten thousand years ago for a totally different kind of mankind and culture. Dynamic meditation is not among those 112 techniques. If people are repressed psychologically with lots of burdens, they need catharsis (acting out). So Dynamic is just to help them clean the space, he said.
     Dynamic meditation is a method of creating a situation, through tension, in which meditation can happen. It is a contradiction. Dynamic means effort, absolute effort, and meditation means silence, no effort, and no activity. It can also be called "dialectical meditation."
     "The purpose of meditation is to exhaust one's energy so that the mind has no more a supply of energy to create thoughts, dreams and imagination. The energy of modern man needs acting out; let that energy flow. You melt into existence through action and, when the energy is gone and you relax, then be silent," he said.
     Explaining the process of Dynamic Meditation, Dr Bhonsle said that the mind changes completely in 21 days [and then can] move into another direction. For the first seven days it simply goes on struggling with the old mind. Another seven days to feel the new dimension. The old is gone and the new is there, but you are unfamiliar with it, so it is a little strange, while in the last seven days the mind is completely at home with the new and you become familiar with it," he added....
     The participants, when asked for their response [to the 21-day's experiment], said their emotions were flowing more freely and they felt more acceptance of positive changes in them towards others, their work and private lives.
     Mr B Shah, a businessman, said, "I immediately notice a different attitude towards the chaotic traffic. I felt centered and peaceful, experiencing the deep relaxation that comes from the unburdening of suppressed thoughts and emotions."
     Ms Damayanti Jathar, a housewife, said, "I feel very much myself at a totally different level now. It is a real opportunity to discover a deeper level of yourself in the support and encouragement of others."
     Ms Ulka Sagar, an executive working in a leading company, said, "After completing the 21-days' course, I don't feel much tension or anguish; and, even if I do feel them, I am more aware of it now. I have realized one thing for sure – that there is much more than a mundane life."

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