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Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Jump and Yell

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Jump and Yell "Hoo!"
By Our Correspondent

Pune June 23, 1996: There's hope for those whose sex lives are in a dismal state. Dynamic Meditation promises to put the zest back in your lovemaking, as it releases suppressed energy. The cathartic meditation technique designed specifically for modern man, is being taught by the Osho [Meditation Resort] here.
The meditation is an hour– long process in five parts.... [Description of the meditation follows]. According to the official spokesman of the resort, "Dynamic Meditation is a conscious way of throwing out the madness accumulated within. This collected madness is the end result of living in a society that teaches individuals how to suppress their emotions.
     "The result is, everyone becomes suppressed. This additional burden which you have gathered in your system has to be off loaded. We make energy blocks within ourselves. Dynamic meditation makes you come alive and release all these blocks.
     "People are beginning to understand the importance of mediation. A person should spend at least an hour with himself to unburden himself from the daily stress and tension. Meditation helps you think positively. It helps in understanding oneself. Meditation helps you to have better control over your emotions, it improves interpersonal relationships, and improves your sex life."
     Starting on June 24, this global project will last 21 days, and will be held in 7 cities [in India]. It will be held at three centers in Pune and 12 in Mumbai. An estimated 200 centers all over the world will undertake the exercise.

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