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Let's  Wake Up Together!

Let's  Wake Up Together!

A 21-Day Global Dynamic Meditation Event

On June 21st 1996, in a press release issued by the Osho Meditation Resort, the first extended global experiment in Dynamic – from June 24th to July 14th somewhere in the world, was announced. Whoever thought up the cheeky slogan, "Let's Wake Up Together!" with its new, meditative play on an old expression, it caught on and was displayed in the form of a badge on the chests of those participating.
Then as now, many people do Dynamic regularly for weeks or months on end.
What made this time special was that the event was organized by Osho meditation centers worldwide. This meant that the practice of Dynamic extended beyond the individual somewhere in the world – who might do Dynamic alone in his home or with a small group of like-minded friends – to meditators all over the globe gathering together at 6.00 am, wherever they were, to take part in a unique experiment.
Meditation Centers, where the majority of people gathered for the event, were invited to e-mail their reports to the meditation resort on how the experiment was progressing. These were forwarded to all the meditation centers throughout the world, and posted on a notice board in the resort, for those who were involved in the 21-days there.
Years later the collective excitement is palpable through the correspondence, from both center leaders and individuals. A sample follows....

     "We are happy to participate in the 21-Days Osho Dynamic Meditation project. Everything is tremendously beautiful. We had a press conference with reporters from the most important newspapers of Mexico, as well as radio and TV. We got nice responses from people and we expect about 100 people to come for the meditation."

Osho Ramya Meditation Center, Mexico

     "Day 2 of 21 has been passed and there is great energy here, with 20 participants, which is more than we have dreamed of and hoped for! It's a loving group, caring for each other, and feels great already!"

Sabala, Holland

     "The 21 days is happening. We are 50 people and probably the number will get bigger. Osho Kirana Meditation Center is also doing it, and a few people are doing it at home. It's very fantastic. I really get the feeling of the Buddhafield. After the meditation we listen to a quote from Osho, and the silence and sense of communion that follows is precious."
Susheela, Fremantle, Australia

     "Osho Nirmol Meditation Center is on a high this moment. There are 16 participants and despite the cold, wet, windy, misty Melbourne weather we have been having, they are all there ready to start at 6.00 am! One newcomer drives 25 km each way to join in."
Azti, Melbourne, Australia

     "The 21 days of Dynamic are happening here!! There are only 2 people, but who knows, maybe there will be more. It feels good to be part of such a project."
Kailash, Switzerland

DAY 4 "Woooooooooww! It's really something to meditate in synchronicity with all of you there somewhere in the world. To me it feels more and more true: we are the world!
     "Today is the fourth day. Now I give you an update of numbers: 32 people are participating in the project and some more people, who cannot come every day, so altogether about 50 people. We have three Dynamic sessions a day.
     "Beyond mathematics, it's very intensive. Light and joyful energy here."

Nirjan, Berlin

DAY 7 "...We were fourteen during the week. Many things keep us jumping all the day long. One person early left but, jumping into the celebration, she came out of the hole with more energy. Another said, 'As all kinds of bad words jumped out of me about people putting me down, in the past, a marvelous rainbow appeared from Monday to Friday.' Yet another said that she had 'jumped into her dignity' again.
     "It's so beautiful to see everyone's eyes when coming out of the meditation – like children in the early morning, seeing breakfast ready in the garden, full of birds singing and strong-smelling flowers in the sunlight.
     "I was a little afraid that we'd make too much noise for the people sleeping in on an early Sunday morning. But the participants were extraordinarily silent, walking in the garden. Eating, smiling, in a complete paradise."

Koorvita, Belgium

     "At 3 different locations over the Byron Bay area we've had 80 people Dynamicing. I've even been out there, torturing my poor old body!"
Saroja, Byron Bay, Australia

     "...It's going very nice. We are a group of about 20 people. The energy is very strong and many things are happening. Here it's about zero degrees – brrrr! How cold! But many people go to work straight afterwards, very happy and shining. You should see their faces!"

     "We have a great time here with Dynamic: it's like a great rush of energy here for our [meditation] center. We had breakfast last Sunday with 11 'Dynamicers' enjoying our dynamic food. We'll have a celebration breakfast on the last day with Champagne and everything.
     "I personally still – and again – find something new about Dynamic, although I have been doing it for years now."
Pralaya, Bremen, Germany

     "Here is the Portuguese connection. We are jumping, with 7, towards waking up. It's amazing, this healing cloud of Dynamic happening all over the planet. We all here are grateful to take part in this experience."
Satsavya, Portugal

     "Dynamic is, once more, transforming my life. Unbelievable! I love this meditation! It's such an intelligent technique! People are just amazed for what it does to them in such a short time.
     "This story of people in different parts of the globe, working and meditating together, is the most fun thing of all!"

Premen, Brazil

     "The 21 days Dynamic is going well. We are 10-15 persons, and new people are joining every day. It spreads a strong, intense energy around. We feel a lot of lightness in all this experience...and we feel enormous support, knowing we are connected with the rest of the world. People are reporting that the experience of Dynamic in this way is more intense than they have ever experienced before."
Kabiro, Milan, Italy

     "We are ten people who join this journey but it seems to be attracting other people too: some for one or a few days and others nearly daily. Some are doing Dynamic for the first time. Every morning we start with holding hands in a circle and saying our names and how we are feeling in a few words.... The energy is quite strong on some days. There has been an explosion of emotions and insights for many of us."
Groningen, Holland

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