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Links to Medical Articles
Today's Way to Transcend World's Woes
USA Today
– by Leslie Miller
"Psychologist Lawrence LeShan says whatever else it may do, meditation’s real purpose is to 'train the mind as an athlete trains the body.... If we had as little control over our body as we do over our mind, we’d never get down a flight of stairs alive.' "
Meditation as Medication
– by Dr Alison Spalding, USA
"The general findings [about meditation] in terms of health care outcome status are more consistently positive than we would expect to find by chance alone."

Health Care Changed Forever
– by Dr John Andrews, UK
"When top doctors...start saying that it is almost medical malpractice not to offer meditation for heart disease, and are prescribing it, the revolution is unstoppable."
Are We On the Same Wavelength?
– an interview with Dr Frederico Montecucco
– by Maneesha James.
"Dynamic is one of the most scientific methods to heal and to create integrity between the three parts of the body – the body, mind and heart – and the three brains."

The Heart of the Matter
– by Dr J Andrews, UK
"[As a result of the work of the renowned cardiologist Mayer Friedman] today the best and brightest [army officers] are learning to meditate, to become aware of their hostility."
Meditation May Improve Life of Chronically Ill
– by Merritt McKinney; Reuters Health, New York City, US
"Dr Diane K Reibel explained that [meditation] encourages patients 'to acknowledge that they have fears and worries' but to keep them in balance."

Meditation Mapped in Monks
– BBC News, UK, March 2002
"Radiologist Andrew Newberg said, '...we are poised at a wonderful time in our history, to be able to explore...spirituality in a way that was never thought possible."
Are Heart Attacks Hate Attacks?
– by Dr J Andrews, UK
"Society is reluctant to look beyond the symptoms of heart disease to a possible cure because that cure might involve too close a scrutiny of how society itself functions."

Saying 'Om' Before Surgery
– by Mehmet Oz,MD,
– Columbia Presbyterian Heart Institute
"While my training was in the science of the Western world, I also rely heavily on an ancient Eastern technique – meditation – to help my patients prepare for surgery and to steer them gently towards recovery.
Why? Because it works. "
Meditation for a Healthy Heart
– from The Internet Health Library
"Meditation can have a very profound influence on the heart and its activity...[and] should not be seen as just a method of relaxation and stress management."

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