Maybe we can start with the “Model of Consciousness.” Could you explain this graphic depiction you created?

Model of Consciousness

Nitamo: This model represents the rudder of our being, the entity that directs us; the knower, the central consciousness, or the watcher. It is what Christians call the soul; what Buddhists call atma or no-self; what in Zen is known as no-mind or the original face.

What you see here is a cybernetic representation — every living being is a field of information — which we see here as an outer part, with one consciousness depicted by the lighter central portion.

With this model we introduced into science something which has been prohibited by the Church. The Church has always insisted that the soul is its monopoly and that the scientist can only study and research the physical world; the spiritual is not their domain.

By presenting the soul in a scientific model, we have broken that taboo. Our idea is to create a science of wholeness.

Model of Consciousness