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Become a Unity

Beyond the Schizophrenic Self

     You think your body and your mind are two things – not only two but contrary, opposed, fighting...enemies. No, they are not. They are two extremes of one rhythm; they are two poles of one existence.
     The outer is the body, the inner is the soul, but between the outer and the inner you exist. You are neither the inner nor the outer. The outer is a part of you and the inner is also a part of you. You exist in between.
     Become a unity. Become one.
     If you can become one, a tremendous energy will be released. And only that energy can lead you into meditation; otherwise there is no way.

     That is why, in my meditation techniques, I do not take you as divided: you are one. If your mind is feeling angry, allow your body to be angry. If your mind is feeling happy, allow your body to dance. Do not create a division.
Let yourself come deep down into the body, and allow the body to flow to your innermost core. Become a flow!
     You are frozen. I would like to melt you and create a flow again.
     That is why I insist on active meditation.

By active I only mean that your body must be involved in it. If you simply sit in a Buddha posture, you can go on thinking and thinking and thinking; the body is not involved in it...and the body is the world! Through the body you are related to the existence, through the body you exist.
     Your meditation must in some way be deeply rooted in the body; otherwise it will become just a dream floating in the mind, just like clouds without any roots in the earth.
     I want to push you back to the earth.
Be both body and soul simultaneously. The feeling, just the feeling that you are one, will dissolve your many anguishes, your many tensions, which you have created by an artificial division.
     The whole society, modern society, is paranoid because of this division, schizophrenic because of this division, this split. Standing against yourself, fighting with yourself – it is nonsense, but everyone is doing it.
Be one with your body, have a non-dual flow.
     Be alive in the body. And in the meditations use your body as much as possible; only then will you have a real depth in meditation. So do not create division. These three things you have to remember.

     The last thing: in the meditations, do not do them partially, do not do them half-heartedly. Nothing will come out of it. Meditation is not mathematical. Do not think, "If I do fifty percent, then at least fifty percent will be the outcome." No, zero will be the outcome.
     Only a one-hundred percent effort can bring you any results; less will not do.
     It's just like heating water. At a particular degree, a hundred degrees, it evaporates. Do not think that at fifty degrees half will evaporate. It will not evaporate at all; it will just become lukewarm.
     If you make a one-hundred percent effort, if you do not withhold yourself, if you melt in the process completely and forget yourself, if you abandon yourself completely in it, the thing for which you have been hankering for lives together can happen. It can happen in a single moment – only a totality of abandonment is needed.
     ...Many things are possible, and I hope they will happen to you. If you are really ready, if you have been dreaming about them, hoping about them – if you have come here [to the meditation "camp"] not as a casual visitor but as a seeker, to put something at stake, to accept the challenge and to move into the greatest adventure that is possible to human consciousness – then everything can happen to you.

Osho:The Supreme Doctrine

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