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From Ses to the Sublime
From Sex to the Sublime

      The first step is ten minutes of fast, chaotic breathing. This breathing is used just like a hammer to hammer your energies, particularly energies that are hidden in the sex center.
     You exist right now as a sex center, because your whole energy moves into that center. Your contact with the world is through that center, you are related to the world through that center. Unless energy erupts upwards, flows upward to other centers that are there, nonfunctioning, you cannot change; you cannot be transformed.
      The higher the energy moves, the higher the centers through which you are related to the world. When from the highest center you relate to the world, you have become divine and the whole world is divine. From the lowest center, sex, you are an animal and the whole world is also animal.
      The higher your energy moves, the more new realms of existence will be revealed to you. And if the Upanishads... if Vedantins, Buddha and Jesus and people like them have declared that everyone is divine, they could say so only because they were related to the universe from their highest center.

     Your energy has to be moved from the sex center to the sahasrar, that which is hidden in your head.
     This chaotic breathing, the first step, is just to be used as a hammer.
It works. It is not a theory. You can do it and you can know it...and you will know it.

Osho: "Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi"

Activating Body Electricity
     We never experience electricity in our body. That too is a suppressed part of our personality. We are not as much in our body as nature has prescribed, because there are so many things interconnected. We have suppressed the body wisdom too.
If someone becomes completely vibrated, the electricity begins to move. Then he gets out of society's grip – in that very moment. He vibrates so much and so powerfully that later you cannot make him conform to rules. He has become something in his own capacity.
     When energy awakes in its own right you feel such exuberance and that you have unlimited power that moment people have declared themselves to be God, Aham Brahmasmi I am Brahman." The first feeling of Aham Brahmasmi; "I am God," is the feeling of the movement of the electricity that is sleeping in our body. The deep, fast, intense and involved breathing creates that feeling. Then every experience through the body becomes true to us.
      Everything that we term as real is so because we feel it through our body.
Reality to us means something felt through our body. I say you are real because I see you, I can touch you. Reality for us is reality through the medium of body only.
     Any technique that creates some new dimension of experience in our body becomes real to us. No doubt arises then. Then only we can proceed further. That is why I emphasize the first step.

Osho: "Early Talks"

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