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Towards an Unconditioned Mind
Towards an Unconditioned Mind

You said that through chaotic breathing you want to destroy our old, wrong patterns, to rebuild us in a new dimension. Please explain how this rebuilding in a new dimension happens after the old has been destroyed.

     You have misunderstood me. The chaotic method is to destroy the old patterns, not to create a new one. It is not to create a pattern at all; just, the old pattern has to be destroyed.
     The method, all meditative methods, are just destroy your conditioning without conditioning you in any way; otherwise there will simply be a change of fetters, a change of prisons. The new prison may look a little better but it is still a prison.
     The unconditioned mind is the end – a mind that has no pattern around it.The old pattern has to be destroyed, and the new is not to be created because the new will become the old again. Nothing has to be created in its place; you are to be left alone without a pattern. But you have lived so long in patterns that you cannot conceive of how you can live without a pattern. How can you live without conditioning? How can you live without a discipline? How can you live without fetters? You have lived so long in slavery, in conditioning, that you cannot conceive of what freedom is. But you can live; really, only then will you live.

     My meditation technique is not to give you a new pattern; it is simply to drop the old pattern, to destroy it and leave you completely free without any imprisonment around you – without any prison. Of course, you will feel difficulty because the prison was also a shelter.
     Now there will be rains and there will be no shelter, and the wind will come and there will be no shelter, and the sun will be there, hot and burning, and there will be no shelter, and you would like to hide somewhere. Your eyes have become so accustomed to darkness that in the light you will feel uneasy. But this is what will make you free. You will have to get the feel of the new life under the open skies.

Once you know the freedom and the beauty of it, once you have become aware, once you have come out of the prison, the old habit, you will not ask for any pattern or any discipline.
     This doesn't mean that your life will become a chaos – no! Your life will be the only ordered life possible.

     The life that you are leading is a chaos. It only seems to be ordered on the surface. Behind it, underneath, there is disorder and turmoil. Only on the surface have you created the appearance of order. Look within yourself: there is disorder. An ordered life will be disordered; a disciplined life will be chaotic within. This looks paradoxical but this is so, this is the truth.
    Only an alert life will have an order – not forced but spontaneous, the truth alive. The order will go on changing with life. It must.
     Meditation will give you an inner eye that will be constantly changing, constantly aware of the new situation, constantly responding. But the response will come from your total being, not from a pattern. The response will come from you, not from a conditioning.

     So I am not going to create a new pattern for you. I am a destroyer. I am not going to create anything, really. I am just going to destroy, because there is no need to create. You are already there behind the structure. If the structure is destroyed, you will be freed. If the structure that binds you is no longer there, you will be there. You are not to be created; you are already there. Only the walls of the prison have to be destroyed and you will be under the open sky.

     You have misunderstood me. I told you this chaotic meditation is to destroy your conditioning, your slavery, your mind, your ego...in a deep sense, you. It has to destroy and then the new will be born. I am not saying I will create it. No one can create it, and there is no need. It is already the case, it is there. Only the shell has to be broken and it will come out.
     All religion is destructive in this sense. Society is constructive, religion is destructive. Society constructs the conditioning. Society makes you a Hindu or a Christian or a Jaina. Society never allows you to be yourself. It gives you a pattern, because society is an organization. The society wants you to fit into that organization according to its own rules. The society doesn't want you; the society only wants your efficiency. You are not the point; you are not the target. You must behave like a mechanical thing.
The more mechanical you are, the more society will appreciate you because you will be less dangerous.
     No machine can be dangerous. It never goes out of the way: it never disobeys it never rebels, it is not revolutionary. No machine is revolutionary; it cannot be. All machines are orthodox: they obey, they follow. Society tries to change you into a mechanical thing. Then you are more efficient, less dangerous, reliable, responsible. And there is no fear, no danger; you can be relied upon.
     Society creates a mechanical device around you: that is the conditioning. And it allows you only certain outlets and closes certain things completely. It chooses some fragments from you and approves them, then rejects all else. It says that only a part of you is good and the other parts are bad, so deny those parts. Society doesn't accept you as a whole, as a unity; it accepts only certain parts. Hence, the conditioning.
     I am not going to give you any new pattern – neither new nor old. I am simply going to destroy the pattern and leave you alone to live without a pattern. A life without a pattern is a religious life. A life without any forced order is a religious life. A life without any discipline, but with inner awareness, is a religious life.

Osho: The Supreme Doctrine

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