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Dynamic Meditation – Instructions for Stage Two – the Instructions

Dynamic Meditation Stage Two

In the second step, for ten minutes you have to act out all your madnesses.
Don't be shy, because here we have not gathered for that. Don't be afraid of others. Just think that you are alone here. This is a path of loneliness; one has to travel it alone. Many others will be doing the meditation, everyone will be doing it, but you are to be concerned only with yourself. If you are concerned with others you will not move an inch from where you are and your whole time here will be wasted. So don't be concerned with others. Remain absolutely concerned with yourself.
Remember you have much madness within you. You already know that; that's why you are so afraid. Release them! If you want to scream, scream. If you want to weep, weep. If you want to jump, jump. If you want to dance, dance. If you just want to be like a child – playing with your body, jumping, dancing, screaming – do it!

Do it playfully; don't be serious about it. If you are serious you cannot be totally released. Be playful. Enjoy the madness that is coming out of you. Help it, enjoy it, cooperate with it. If you are really interested in going beyond your madness, this is the way. When the madness is released you will feel unburdened, you will feel weightless. You will feel a subtle newness entering in you, as if your childhood has come back. You are again a child: newborn, fresh.... This freshness is very essential; this innocence is very essential if you are to move further.

Osho: "The New Alchemy: To Turn You On"

Remember, when you become mad consciously you remain a witness.
Madness is beautiful if you are conscious – you enjoy it.
The more you throw it out, the less burdened you are, and you feel that your energy is purified. You feel that now you can fly in the sky. Now there are no boundaries to you; you have become weightless. Now the whole gravitation of the earth cannot pull you down to the earth; you have become greater. You can transcend this pull now; this pull works because you carry such a burden.
The second step is to go mad consciously. Those who are intelligent will go mad consciously; those who are stupid will go on holding. So don't be stupid – be a man of understanding and try it!

Osho: "Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi"

Relax into the second stage, allowing your body the freedom to express whatever has been held back in the past.
The body will begin to move, to dance, etc, and soon you will begin to feel that you are something separate from the body. You will see the body weeping, laughing, crying so clearly that you will not be able to identify yourself with the one who is doing all this. You will see yourself jumping, dancing: something is happening mechanically. You will begin to see the body as a separate entity.
It is only when the body becomes an automaton that the consciousness feels itself to be separate; until then there is always identification with the body.

Osho: "The Great Challenge"


One thing more.... In the second step, when you are expressing all the suppressed emotions, when you are going completely mad in catharsis, do one thing emphatically: contract your facial muscles and relax. Contract and relax.
The rest of your body is not as tense as your face is because your face is the focal point of all suppression. And your face is the most expressive part; that is why the face has become the most suppressive. It is through your face that you express or suppress.
In the second step go on expressing through the body, but remember also to make the face tense and relaxed, tense and relaxed. In that way, much suppressed emotion will be released more easily.

Osho: "The Supreme Doctrine"

A Silent Version

If your meditation space prevents you from making a noise, you can do this silent alternative: Rather than throwing out the sounds, let the catharsis in the second stage take place entirely through bodily movements.

"The Orange Book"

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