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Articles about stage two of Dynamic Meditation

I feel more alive now but my mind is still with me. And before I always used to have trouble with my body – I was afraid of falling, but now I don't care. I like to go really mad in meditations.

     Don't disturb your feelings because of the mind. The mind is going to remain there. All that can happen is that you start feeling separate from it, by and by.
     When you are separate from it, the mind continues its work but it is no longer a distraction to you, no more a disturbance. It is just as if you are driving a car and the engine goes on making a certain noise. There is nothing to worry about; no need to be concerned.
     Once the concern is dropped much of the trouble disappears.
The trouble is not in the mind. The trouble is in the attitude towards the mind – that you want to put it right and change it: make it peaceful, this and that. There is no need. Just accept it. Enjoy the meditations more. The mind drops not by effort but by more enjoyment. It disappears if you become really celebrating.
     If you have now become capable of being more and more available to your inner madness, the mind will drop because the mind cannot win against madness. That's why I insist on mad methods. The mind can only be defeated if you are ready to go mad, because that is the last thing that the mind cannot conceive, cannot comprehend and cannot absorb. If you are ready to do that, the mind remains and goes on working in the corner. It is good as a slave... but a very bad master. So put it in its right place, that's all.
     If it creates trouble sometimes, that too is not a big problem. If you have a slave, sometimes the slave is bound to create a little trouble. Sometimes the slave is ill and not feeling good. Sometimes the slave goes on its own and does something; that's natural.

Osho: "Get Out Of Your Own Way"

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