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Dynamic Meditation Instructions – the instructions

Dynamic Meditation Stage Three

In the third step, we will be using the sound "Hoo!" as a mantra.

You have to say, "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" loudly, forcibly, bringing your total energy to it as if your whole life is at stake. For ten minutes you have to go on screaming, yelling, "Hoo! Hoo!..."
What is this "Hoo" going to do?
It is going to do two things. When you scream "Hoo!" your total breath is thrown out. The more loudly you scream, the better.
Exhale with the sound so that your total breath is let out. This creates a space within you. In that space, sex energy can move upward. The "Hoo" is to help sex energy to move up. When you say "Hoo!" your sex center contracts, the breath goes out, and a space is created within you right near the sex center. In that space, in that emptiness, sex energy can move up.
These [first] three steps are to be done with so much energy and force that nothing is left behind. You are not withholding anything; you are totally in it.

Osho: "The New Alchemy: To Turn You On"

The following is from the time when Osho himself was leading the meditation "camps"....

This [Dynamic] method is a very intense method.
Your hands [are] raised toward the sky. This is just a preparation so that you can meet with the cosmos. You will be jumping so that your energy is active, you are in a vital state, and the meeting can happen. Your energy is flowing upward. While you are standing with your hands raised, jumping, staring at me, feel that your energy is moving up. Jump with the energy that is moving up. You must move a little so that existence can descend into you. You must go at least one step of the way. Then, the divine can come. Only one step from you is enough.
In this state – staring at me, jumping, feeling energy moving up as if you have become a tree that is spread out into the sky and you are jumping to meet the sky – you will simultaneously be using the mantra "Hoo!" loudly. "Hoo!" hits, hammers the energy within and kundalini starts arising.
In India we have called this energy "kundalini," serpent power. The serpent uncoils. This "Hoo" has many meanings; it is multi-dimensional.
Hoo hits the energy that is coiled inside. It actually hits the energy that is coiled in your sex center and the energy begins to move. Jumping, with your hands raised and spread toward the sky, the energy will flow in a fast current. You will feel that current. The more you feel it, the more you are to jump so that you are helping it to move. Go on using the mantra "Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!" as a hammering. It is a hammering with sound.


For twenty minutes you have to be completely mad so that all your madness is thrown out. Don't withhold yourself. Move into it totally, because half-effort is useless. Unless you do it totally, nothing will happen. Only at a certain point will you touch existence.
It is just as at 100 degrees water becomes vapor, it evaporates. If it is only heated to 90 degrees it may become hot but it will not change into vapor. The heat must reach a certain degree. Only then is there transformation. So half-effort is useless. You will just be wasting energy and moving nowhere. You will just become lukewarm; nothing will happen to you, you will not evaporate. Bring your total energy to it. Don't withhold anything; move completely in it.

Within twenty minutes your energy will become vital and flowing. It will become a current, a fast current moving from the earth toward the sky. You will just be a vibrating part of that current. You will have disappeared; you will only be vibrating energy, jumping and ready to meet the divine, ready for the deep communion that I am talking about.

Osho: "The New Alchemy: To Turn You On"

N.B. It is important to land on the flat of the feet so that the force of the heels hitting the ground adds to the vibration of the sex center.

A Silent Version

If your meditation space prevents you from making a noise, you can do this silent alternative: In the third stage the sound "Hoo!" can be hammered silently inside.

"The Orange Book"

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