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More about Stage Five of Dynamic
The Source of Creativity
The Source of Creativity

     In this world of consciousness, nothing is so helpful as celebration.
     Celebration is like watering a plant. Worry is just the opposite of celebration; it is just like cutting the roots.
     Feel happy! Dance with your silence. This moment it is there "—" enough! Why ask for more? Tomorrow will take care of itself. This moment is too much; why not live it, celebrate it, share it, enjoy it? Let it become a song, a dance, a poetry; let it be creative. Let your silence be creative; do something with it.
     Millions of things are possible because nothing is more creative than silence.
     No need to become a very great painter, world-famous, a Picasso. No need to become a Henry Moore; no need to become a great poet. Those ambitions of being great are of the mind, not of the silence.
     In your own way, howsoever small, paint. In your own way, howsoever small, make a haiku. In your own way, howsoever small, sing a song, dance a little, celebrate, and you will find the next moment brings more silence.
     Once you know that the more you celebrate, the more is given to you, the more you share, the more you become capable of receiving it.... Each moment it goes on growing, growing. And the next moment is always born out of this moment, so why worry about it? If this moment is silent, how the next moment can be chaos? From where will it come? It is going to be born out of this moment.
     If I am happy this moment, how in the next moment can I be unhappy?
     If you want the next moment to be unhappy, you will have to become unhappy in this moment, because out of unhappiness, unhappiness is born; out of happiness, happiness is born. Whatsoever you want to reap in the next moment, you will have to sow right now. Once the worry is allowed and you start thinking that chaos will come, it will come; you have already brought it. Now you will have to reap it; it has already come. No need to wait for the next moment; it is already there. Remember this.

     It is so rare to achieve a moment of happiness, bliss "mdash;" don't waste it in thinking.
     Energy has to be creative. If you don't use it for happiness, the same energy will be used for unhappiness. And for unhappiness you have such deep-rooted habits that the energy flow is very loose and natural. For happiness it is an uphill task.
     Only this moment is left, pure, intense with energy. Live it! If it is silence, be grateful. If it is blissful, thank existence, trust it. And if you can trust, it will grow.

Osho: "Yoga: The Alpha and Omega"

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