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Feedback From Yoga Practitioners

J.  Griffiths, Actress, Yoga Practitioner and Active Meditator

Before I started doing Dynamic, during my yoga practice I was very much in my head. I was wondering if I was doing it right, comparing myself to others in the class, worrying about my body – how it looked, was this the right exercise for it? – or just thinking about the next thing I needed to do in my day.
After I began the active meditations a lot of this was cleared away and I began to connect with the practice. I had this strong feeling of 'coming home' when I practiced yoga. I felt right and comfortable, but also like nowhere I have ever been before. Doing Dynamic Meditation allowed me to drop into the moment and experience the gift of yoga, which to me is a gentle connection to the divinity inside me.
Through the [the active meditations] I feel like a lot of energy blocks have been removed and I am able to connect more physically and spiritually during my yoga.... More in the moment and more grateful...immense gratitude and love during yoga. That is actually the biggest change.

J. Griffith
Actress, yoga teacher

Joseph Roberson, Photographer, Yoga Teacher and Active Meditator

[Since practicing Dynamic Meditation] I find that balancing in handstand is less of a struggle. There is more clarity and presence while I am practicing, and the heaviness has largely disappeared. I find myself inventing new sequences and new introductory postures for my students each time I practice.
I enjoy yoga much more. My teaching is more focused and my classes more fun. To read Joseph's article ...Yoga: Putting Perfume on a Dirty Dog?

Joseph Roberson
Photographer, Teacher, Yoga Center of Columbia,
Maryland, USA

[Dynamic meditation was] cleansing, refreshing and healing. It has given me an ability to accept my own feelings, to experience that there are no limits. It brings me to the core of my being. I am able to feel who I am and allow myself just to be.
"In my yoga practice I can extend my limitations, with less effort; can hold postures longer and have more confidence and joy in doing my practice.
"I see changes outside my Yoga practice too: I have more energy, more patience with my children, and I'm not so stressed any more. Dynamic has brought a peace and balace within the everyday struggle in life.

Businesswoman, mother

[Doing Dynamic] I felt like I was releasing pent-up emotions, discovering new patterns of movement – and how to break them. [Dynamic] definitely expanded my boundaries. I discovered dozens of new ways to move my body, which was elevating. There is no doubt that I will apply these principles in my everyday life. Any routine can be broken...the combination for adjusting my response to any given situation is infinite.

Company owner

[After the active meditation workshop] I felt great...a sort of bliss. It's been a week and two days since the group but the feelings are still there. A little less, maybe, but they are definitely still with me.


Amanda, Psychotherapist, Yoga Practitioner and Active Meditator

With yoga you've got to fit into the method. That's just the opposite of what's available through the Active Meditations – which provide a choice of so many different techniques because it's understood that we are all unique.


There were certain bodily sensations throughout [Dynamic] but they didn't engage me. I felt a sense of expanded awareness and, in the dancing stage, extreme pleasure.

Medical company rep.

[After doing Dynamic twice] I have less pain in my hips than usual and I feel less stress than I have for weeks.

Systems analyst

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