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Where Yoga and Buddha Meet Osho

I have only ever heard you speak on the differences between your methods and that of Yoga or Buddha.
It seems to me that Dynamic Meditation has some similarities with Yoga and some with Buddha's approach. Could you please comment?

     If you go on becoming more and more aware, more and more a witness and less and less a doer, then you can know that reality hidden in the heart. This path is known as samkhya: the path of knowledge, the path of knowing, or the path of awareness. Buddha was one of those most deeply gone into the path of knowing, one who has touched the ultimate on the path of knowing, the path of awareness. He has said that no other means, methods, or techniques are needed if you can practice only awareness.
     There is another. That other one is not directly concerned with awareness; that other path is known as yoga, the path of means, methods, techniques. The other is not directly concerned with awareness; it is directly concerned with some methods which create awareness. You are not required to be aware directly, immediately; you are required to do something which creates the situation in which you become aware.

     [In the first stage of Dynamic] If you do fast breathing, bhastrika, so chaotically, then the energy inside is hit, and the energy comes up. In that awakening of energy you cannot fall asleep, you cannot be unconscious; so much energy makes you aware.
     Then in the second step, allowing yourself to go completely mad .... When so many suppressed complexes are released, when so much suppressed energy is released, it is an explosion. In that explosion you can never be unconscious.
     It is such a big explosion, as if your house is on fire: how can you be unconscious? You will become suddenly conscious. Your whole mind has gone mad; your house is on fire. You become suddenly aware, it is an emergency. You cannot fall asleep. Awareness will happen in this situation.
     In the third stage, when we are hitting the kundalini with "hoo".... Kundalini is the reservoir or all our energies. If this reservoir is hit, the energy begins to spread in ripples all over the body. It goes on spreading. Every fiber, every cell of the body becomes more alive, vitalized; more energy is given to it. Every cell becomes more aware and the whole body feels a sudden rush of awareness. In that rush of awareness you cannot be unconscious.
     These three steps are yogic steps to create a situation in which consciousness becomes an automatic result.
     Then in the fourth you just wait – fully aware, conscious, waiting. What is going to happen? In this awareness that which is known as brahman happens. In this awareness that which is hidden in the cave of the heart happens.

     Samkhya and yoga are two ways. I have made them into one.
     Three steps of the morning meditation are of yoga, and the fourth is samkhya.

And the fifth stage?

     You must know the divine and you must express it also, because then, when it is expressed, it can create the same thirst in others. When expressed it can hit other's sleep also; it can make them aware of a different dimension also.
     When someone is dancing madly in a blissful state, in ecstasy after meditation, he is creating vibrations around him. They may penetrate anyone. They can become infectious; they do become infectious. This ecstasy can go to others also; this ecstasy can be felt. Others' hearts will be touched by it.
     If you can create ripples around you, vibrations, you have served the world, and there is no other way to serve it. You have served the divine, and there is no other way to serve it.

Osho That Art Thou

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