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Pramada Harkness, AustraliaThe Ultimate Energizer

Pramada has taught the Osho Active Meditations – co-leading several ... 21 day Dynamic Meditation events – as well as the Osho Meditative Therapies. She has practiced Dynamic herself extensively.
     I discovered it in seventy-nine in Germany. I had previously done passive, Zen meditations, but to sit silently was very very hard; I sometimes felt my mind was driven me crazy. Yet something inside me was convinced that meditation was the answer. When I met Osho's meditations, they really really worked for me.
     The very first time I tried Dynamic was scary! It was in a basement in some building in Germany; everyone was naked and there was live drumming. But it hit something inside me.... I think it hit my hara center; that's what I would say now, though at that time I wouldn't have been able to express it like that. I felt connected to some very vital, non-verbal energy source, which was not in the heart and had nothing to do with thinking.
     As a kid I had experienced times when I had a lot of freedom and wasn't stopped by overly protective parents from taking risks. So there was an instant recognition, at that first Dynamic, of something I had known earlier in my life but which I had been educated away from.

     The first time my mind was quite worried about what was happening – with all the strangers around me and so on – but Dynamic struck me as something which I just could not forget! A few months later I was able to do it every day, and then it had a huge impact.
     In spite of the risk-taking of my early childhood, subsequent events in life turned me into a fearful and depressed person. Almost instantly in Dynamic I experienced periods with no fear at all. I was free of fear and I felt strong. I had developed an image of myself as weak, a victim, timid; in Dynamic I was connecting again with the abundance of energy and the fearlessness I had had as a kid. So I was getting really high on it!

    My mind didn't drive me crazy anymore. It was as if the method drained the mind of energy.
     Before, most of my energy was absorbed in worrying and fantasizing about negative things that might happen in the future, and in judging myself. With Dynamic there was a definite break in this habit. It doesn't mean that I stopped thinking or worrying but every day I could experience a distance from this self-condemnatory mind.

     I continued Dynamic whenever I could for years. Doing it in a group with other meditators is, of course, very helpful...especially when you are just starting with it. After doing it for several years in a group setting, I did it alone for long periods of time, and it was great. Of course it has its own flavor when you are alone, but I liked the privacy.
     Usually, I did it at sunrise, and in the last stage I would dance, looking out onto the trees outside my apartment – and that gave me a connection with nature.
     I wasn't able to make noise but if you breathe rightly in the first stage, you don't have to scream in the second stage because the energy has opened up and is flowing.
     I didn't slack off because I was alone and no one was looking. I am quite a determined person, and when I get going on something I can go a long way. Also, I got so much out of it, it wasn't difficult to continue with it. It gave me such a boost of energy, I was hooked on it!

     I do it less now. In the last few years it has become more tiring and I am not so energized by it. But if my daily schedule permitted it and I felt the need for it, I would be doing it.
     It's now 24 years since I first did Dynamic. What it has given me is joy of life...which I had kind of lost.
     I have felt so much gratitude that Osho has given us this method. It's like an infallible medicine that you can totally rely on. When I feel that energetically I am blocked, I do Dynamic...and it always works.

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Premada Harkness

Pramada Harkness

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