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Nuccia MorelliKeeping Families Fit

Nuccia Morelli, M.Ed. is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist in Canada. She prescribes Osho's Dynamic to clients in her private practice, has used it in stress management workshops for many years, and shares it with colleagues, and therapists in training, in the field of family therapy.

     "People who did Dynamic were screened, as certain medical conditions (i.e. epilepsy, recent operations, heart conditions, pregnancy etc.), are contraindications for breath work and for the required physical activity. When appropriate, individuals were given the option to complement the therapy process with Dynamic. Some chose not to do it because they did not have the appropriate space or privacy in their home, some tried it once or a few times. Others found it so helpful that they used it for the 21 days or as needed between sessions. Some others continued it for 6-12 months."

     Ms Morelli has recorded her observations of some 15 years. These are presented below....

Physical Effects:

  • More energy during the day
  • Clarity of mind and of physical vision
  • Alertness and freshness
  • Increased sensitivity, i.e. the five senses were more alive
  • Fewer colds and other illnesses, including the easing of allergies
  • Flexibility and ease of body movement (also, a few aches and pains after the first time, as often happens with any new physical exercise program)
  • Relaxation and stress reduction (one individual found that the habit of nail-biting dropped)
  • Increased productivity at work

Psychological Effects:

  • Stabilization of emotions and moods during periods of crisis
  • Conscious and appropriate release of anger
  • Release of pain from physical and emotional trauma
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Improved ability to relate to others
  • Clarification of personal boundaries (very important for people who have had their boundaries violated)
  • Clarification of thoughts, feelings and needs which, in turn, aided decision-making
  • Increased awareness of and trust in their intuition
  • Resolution of conflicts with self or others
  • Feeling more centered and secure in oneself
  • Increased acceptance of oneself and others
  • Facilitation of the process of forgiveness
  • Increased joy, peace and playfulness


  • Increased compassion
  • Increased sense of awe
  • Enhanced appreciation of beauty
  • Increased creativity
  • Deepened respect for nature and the earth
  • Development of the "watcher" or the "witnessing presence"
  • Increased sense of gratitude


  • Spontaneous regressions and resolution of past childhood issues and traumas
  • Prevention of hospitalization
  • Improved ability to cope with a life crisis or intrusive memories
  • Increased empathy
  • Acceleration and facilitation of the therapeutic process
  • Cost-effective in that, for some individuals, the 21 consecutive days of doing the method seemed to be equivalent to doing six months of verbal therapy
  • Helpful as a tool for clients to use on their own, in between sessions, and to have as a resource for the rest of their lives.
  • For therapists, Dynamic is an excellent self-help tool that can be used in the privacy of one's own home to clear oneself of all that can be accumulated in this kind of work, to manage stress, and to prevent burn-out.
  • Finally, for researchers, Osho's Dynamic might be an interesting tool to study with specific population groups; such as, therapists in training, medical doctors, people in transition, college students, or the boomers in mid life!

     "The person who teaches Dynamic needs to have done it him or herself for a period of time so that those new to this tool can be supported through their individual process rather that hindered by the instructor's lack of experience, ignorance or misunderstanding of the delicate internal process.
     "I experimented with Dynamic myself, daily for more than a year, before prescribing it to others. This was a powerful and important learning experience, as a therapist, about the inner non-verbal process of the body and about meditation. This experience is one that cannot be understood by reading alone; it is experiential knowing and learning.
     "This caution also applies not only to therapists but also to anyone doing future research on Dynamic Meditation."

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