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Active Meditation in Education


A 12-week course for the unemployed in Denmark, using Osho meditation techniques, is proving more successful in getting people back to work than other unemployment programs, according to Vimal Anjee, a 41-year-old sannyasin who lives near the Osho RISK Meditation Center.

     Anjee has been teaching psychology to unemployed people at Torring Education Center in Denmark, a government-run center for unemployed people that covers a large rural area. But she soon found that the 14 people in her class were more interested in working on themselves than learning abstract principles of psychology, so she changed her classroom into a group room.
     "They get a feeling for their inner life – that's the feedback I get – and they begin to explore a world they didn't know existed before," Anjee explained. "Many of them see they share a common attitude that the world outside them is against them; it's someone else's fault that they don't have a job, or don't have money.
     "When that happens, they begin to see a connection between the inner and the outer, and once they start to have a sense of themselves – what they really want out of life – then quite often it's easy for them to find a new job."
     Anjee's program is called "A Different Life" and includes Osho Kundalini and Nadabrahma meditations, massage, hypnosis, working with the inner child and Vipassana. Guest teachers come from Osho RISK to encourage art and creativity.

     "I didn't introduce Dynamic Meditation into the program as the venue was a schoolroom, with computer classes happening next door at the same time!
     "My experience is that it is very easy for people who have had no meditation experience to enjoy the Osho active meditations. Often people buy the music CDs [created for each active meditation] after the course is finished. For the group of people I have worked with, Kundalini, No Dimensions and Chakra Sound are the most popular methods, followed by Nadabrahma and Nataraj.
     "I offered this course ten times, and am currently introducing a shorter, 4-week version, since I began my own private practice. In addition to my 'A Different Life' program, every year I run a class, one evening a week, in the evening school, which is called 'Meditation and Self-Development.' It consists ninety percent of the Osho Active Meditations. The class is always full, with an attendance of sixteen people.

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